Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 26, 2007)

Scribe Grrrl's "Talking
to Manatees"
podcast and our online talk show She
Said What?
both received very funny mentions on Comedy Central’s popular
nightly news show The Colbert Report this week, as the third item on
Colbert's "ThreatDown." Our shows made the list because they don't
have the word "gay" in the titles, and are therefore part of "the
army of products trying to turn me gay." Silly Stephen – we’re not trying
to turn you gay. Just the cute straight women!

Speaking of podcasts, if you like our L Word podcast "Talking
to Manatees," you’ll love the "The
, a weekly podcast two women in Albuquerque, New Mexico named
Elka and KC have been doing for a few seasons now. It’s very funny, and I’m
a big fan. It’s interesting to see how different – or similar – their opinions can be from
Scribe Grrrl and Anna’s (or mine) on the same episode. That’s what I love about the internet
– the more great entertainment for lesbians, the merrier!

Although this hasn't been announced yet, my sources tell me The L Word
has been officially renewed for a fifth season, despite disappointing ratings
so far this season. That gives Helena a whole ‘nother season to find a job she
doesn’t suck at.

There are things I like about this season so far – including Marlee Matlin and Rose Rollins, every scene with Alice and Helena, and almost the entire sixth episode (which is written and directed by Angela Robinson) – but at the
top of my list of things I don't like? Papi. She's like a Latina character
designed by a committee of clueless white folks who’ve seen one too many gangster movies and never actually met
a Latina.

I'm not alone on this: in our discussion of The L Word on our
latest episode of She Said What?
(which features Hanifah
as our guest), none of my co-hosts like Papi, either. It's not
very often that all four of us agree on something! And judging by all the comments
on AfterEllen, she's disliked by most of you, too.

I wish I could tell you Papi gets more interesting, and less cartoon-ish, but
unfortunately, she doesn't, at least not in the first six episodes. AfterEllen
reader JulieLauren summed it up nicely when she asked in her comment,
"what's next – a Chinese character named 'little blossom' who
drives a rickshaw and explains what 'wontons' are to characters who,
because they are white, have never heard of foods that can be found in even
midwestern food courts?"

On second thought, maybe we better not give them any ideas, JulieLauren!

Anne Heche and her husband have separated after five years of marriage, reportedly because Heche is in a relationship with her Men in Trees co-star James Tupper. Best headline so far? "Men Don't Grow on Trees (Unless You're Anne Heche)"

Doug Blasdell, one of the openly gay trainers on Work
unexpectedly died
this weekend from an illness.

NBC has cancelled supernatural daytime drama Passions
after 8 years.

Basic Instinct 2 and BloodRayne topped the Razzie nominations this year, with 6 nominations apiece.

Rachel and Monica are finally going to kiss on-screen! Joey and Chandler could not be reached for comment.

That's it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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