Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 26, 2007)

On this week's episode (Episode 13 "Little Girl, I Want to
Marry You") of NBC's struggling football drama Friday Night Lights,
the coach (Kyle Chandler) and his wife (Connie Britton) found out the mayor
of their small Texas town, Lucy (Libby Villari), is gay when she asked them
over to dinner with her and her partner. The two women, who had clearly been
together for years, were relaxed and casually affectionate with each other,
while the coach and his wife tried not to appear shocked.

The mayor asks the coach's wife to work on her re-election campaign, and
the coach tries to talk his wife out of it because he's worried about the
fall-out if people find out the mayor has "an alternative lifestyle."
But the wife tells him to stick it and takes the job anyway. That’s our kind
of straight woman! Watch the episode now at (the lesbians are in part 2).

Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is back on All
My Children
, begging Bianca (Eden Riegel) to forgive her for cheating
on her in Paris with some woman named Cecilia. (They're also running from
a serial killer and confronting Maggie's former abusive boyfriend – this
is a soap opera, remember).

For those of you interested in AMC's lesbian storyline who don't want
to sit through the rest of the show, the website
has helpfully posted video clips of all the recent Maggie-Bianca scenes in
chronological order, so you can get up to speed quickly (start at the bottom).

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