Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 18, 2007)

Our blogger Jamie Lynn gave us an update on the latest episode of Satisfaction, the Australian drama about sex workers that includes a lesbian character.

You know how when you watch TV, there’s always lesbian subtext in your head? But nobody would ever write an episode for TV in which two regular characters actually hook up, unless it’s a one-off for sweeps week? Well, this week on Satisfaction, lesbian subtext actually became text, and I had to rewind just to be sure I wasn’t just seeing the queer version in my head again. We have Heather (Peta Sergeant), who is also pregnant through an icky story line.

And then we have Lauren (Alison Whyte). At the beginning of the series, her husband left her for a younger woman, and her kids are running off to the U.S. to go to university. When Heather’s suddenly psychotic partner Ally broke up with her and insisted on selling their house, Lauren invited Heather to stay in her empty nest. In this week’s episode, Lauren realizes she wanted to DO a little nesting. One minute she’s rubbing a client’s rather hairy back, and the next she’s fantasizing about massaging her new roomie. That’s right: One regular cast member is falling for another in a story that will take more than one episode to resolve.

No hint yet whether the interest is mutual, but I’m hoping the story will be explored. And I’m a little nervous. The writers haven’t earned my trust yet, and I can think of at least 15 ways this story line could result in clichéd disaster. I mean, so far the lesbian character isn’t even murderous or suicidal. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next week.

I love that the bar is so low that it’s considered a positive sign simply when "the lesbian character isn’t even murderous or suicidal." Forget love, it’s the universal language of lesbian clichés that unites us!


Ellen has finally beaten out Oprah as the country’s favorite TV personality for the first time, according to the annual Harris poll released this week. In more depressing news, Bill O’Reilly was No. 7 on the list. (Really, America? Really?)

The Queer Women of Color Film Festival is now accepting submissions of films completed between 2005 and 2008. For more information people can email

Rent is finally ending its run.

Singer Shelby Lynn sort of outs herself. Again.

Turns out three of the four new Seattle Storm owners we mentioned in last week’s column play for our team (sorry, couldn’t resist!). In addition to Lisa Brummel, Anne Levinson and Ginny Gilder are also openly gay. (Thanks to AE reader Schoom for the tip!)

Adrianne Curry, My Fair Brady co-star and and wife of Christopher Knight, tells Playboy she enjoyed dating women before she was married because "I have a lot of testosterone in me; I like to be in control. That’s why I dated women for so long. I was the guy; they were the girls. I was allotted powers you normally don’t get with men."

Drama Desk winner Kathleen Chalfant and Tony winner Patricia Elliot will co-star in Eileen Atkins’ play Vita and Virginia, adapted from correspondence between Virginia Woolf and her sometime lover Vita Sackville-West. The play opens Feb. 4th at the Zipper Factory in New York.

Gay and live in Scotland? Check out the new Scottish lesbian forum SocialSisters! is seeking a writer who is well-versed in Chinese pop music. You need to be able to understand Cantonese and Mandarin and write fluently in English, so this may be a pipe dream, but we like to make dreams come true here. If you fit the bill, please email malindalo at and include a resume/CV and a couple of clips of your writing. If you haven’t been published yet, just tell us why you’re the right person for the job. We look forward to hearing from you!

There won’t be any new She Made Me Watch This or Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? episodes for a few weeks (probably not until the beginning of February), because Lori was unexpectedly called back to her hometown in Alaska due to a death in the family. (She’s doing fine, just busy dealing with family issues.)

For those of you wondering: I disabled the "user points" last week because so many of you were complaining about it, and because they did seem kind of redundant, since you can already see the number of posts a user has made. There was no conspiracy to track your behavior with this feature, I promise, we’re just always looking for ways to improve the site for our readers/members, and some things work, and some things don’t. We’re just figuring it out as we go along, so please be patient with us as we implant GPS tracking devices in your brains experiment with new features on the site, and thanks for continuing to give us feedback!

Coming next week: a new round of Julie Goldman’s Celesbian Interview specials, with Kate McKinnon as her sidekick this time and guests such as Jamie Babbit, Cathy DeBuono, Alix Olson, Josie Smith-Malave, Rachel Feinstein, Jill Bennett, and Maeve Quinlan. We’ll be posting a new episode every weekday from Jan. 22 or 23rd through Feb. 14.

And on Monday on our long-overdue interview with Laurel Holloman (The L Word‘s Tina), in which she reveals something she’s never revealed before — you don’t want to miss this!

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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