Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 18, 2007)



The third episode of Cashmere Mafia had some great gay moments this week when Caitlin was outed in a blind item on a blog and subsequently developed a pimple on her forehead (which apparently only happens when she is really stressed out). After a few days of no communication, Caitlin finally called Alicia and they met up, at which point Alicia told Caitlin, "I won’t be your lesbian test drive."

But Caitlin assured her that she was stressed out not because she might be gay, but because she’s a control freak. "I don’t even care if I’m gay or I’m straight, I just need to be in control of my life," she said.

Amen, sister! We control freaks need to stick together. As long as I get to be the leader — which, come to think of it, might pose a problem in a group of control freaks …

Back to the show — check out these scenes of Caitlin and Alicia from the third episode:

The best line? Caitlin’s boss suggesting Portia de Rossi as the spokesperson for a makeup campaign targeted at gay women. Not sure lesbians actually need their own makeup line, but hey, anything that gets Portia away from Nip/Tuck is more than fine with me!

I know some of you are worried the relationship between Caitlin and Alicia is doomed — especially in light of the promo for next week’s episode that shows Caitlin flirting with a guy — but without giving away too many spoilers here, I’ll just say that this guy is merely a temporary roadblock in Caitlin and Alicia’s relationship.

And just for fun, here’s a nice still shot of the two women together in next week’s episode, courtesy of (where you’ll find lots of spoilers, if you’re interested):

And look: no pimple!

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