Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 11, 2008)

Unless you’re a Southern gay man or an Olivia Newton-John fan (perhaps that’s redundant), you probably haven’t heard of Sordid Lives. The 2000 cult film, based on the 1996 stage play of the same name, is a trashy delight, thanks to great scenery-chewing stars like Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Bonnie Bedelia, Delta Burke and, of course, Newton-John.

This fall, Logo (’s parent company) brings you a new series based on the play and film and created by writer-director Del Shores. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

The series’ 12 half-hour episodes are a humorous look at a dysfunctional family and the denizens of Winters, Texas, as well as an institutionalized brother (Jordan) who channels Tammy Wynette (Jones). The series also chronicles the handsome young son of one of the sisters (Bedelia) who is struggling with coming out to his Texas Republican Baptist family while pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles.

Many of the cast members from the 2000 film are reprising their roles, including Newton-John, who plays Bisty Mae Harling, a lesbian ex-con and country singer (she will be performing five new songs for the series). Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls) and Caroline Rhea have also signed up (sadly, no Delta Burke). Filming has begun in Louisiana.

Olivia Newton-John and Rue McClanahan on the set:

According to scribegrrrl, if the series is anything like the film, it will be over-the-top and weird — and she means that as a compliment.

In a recent article on, Rose Rollins and Leisha Hailey spilled some spoilers about their characters’ story lines in Season 5. If you’re avoiding all spoilers, skip ahead to the next page. Moderately spoilerish comments follow the picture below.

During this season, Alice will be "used as evidence against Tasha in a two-episode arc featuring Kelly McGillis (Witness, Top Gun) as Col. Gillian Davis, a by-the-book military lawyer."

"Alice ends up on the stand (at Tasha’s hearing)," Hailey told CNN. "That’s when you see Alice in her full glory. She’s not ashamed to speak out. She’s not afraid to put her foot in her mouth. She’s not afraid to be out of the closet."

In terms of their personal relationship, Rollins said, "Alice gets me to loosen up. She aids me in realizing what it is I’m fighting for — not the soldier but Tasha as a woman, first. When you don’t think we stand a chance, maybe we do. It is a good relationship."

If by "good" you mean sexy, cute and fun — wait a minute, Alice and Tasha do have a good relationship. OMG! There’s a relationship on The L Word that I like!

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