Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 11, 2008)


At the Season 5 premiere of The L Word last Sunday night in Los Angeles, lesbian rumors hit a new low when Paris Hilton showed up.

Yes, that’s Paris in a black wig and gray hat, snuggling with Kate Moennig, Daniela Sea and an unidentified woman (anybody know who that is?). After the premiere party, Paris was seen leaving with Kate, and the two continued partying at lesbian night at Falcon, a lounge on Sunset Blvd.

E! Online’s gossip columnist Marc Malkin even cited an "eye witness" who told him that Kate and Paris were seen "holding hands" there. And we all know "holding hands" automatically equals "lesbian"!

Malkin then went one step further and identified Kate as "the openly gay star of The L Word" in a video report you can watch here. The only problem? Kate has rarely spoken about her sexual orientation, and she has never said that she is a lesbian. In fact, in a 2000 interview with the New York Observer, she was identified as straight and said that she was seeing an actor in Los Angeles "who knows what he wants."

Does this mean that Malkin outed Kate Moennig? Her representatives did not return our request for comment, but all I can say is, if anyone in Hollywood is planning to come out, please don’t do it by announcing your relationship with Paris Hilton. I think I’d even prefer Lindsay Lohan.

Paris gets down with Daniela and other unidentified partiers (what’s with all the fedoras?!):

There is one last disturbing tidbit to emerge from this unfortunate situation (and you thought it couldn’t get any worse!). According to "a source" quoted on the obviously reliable site (I’m being sarcastic), Paris wants to be on The L Word and was actually seen talking to Ilene Chaiken.

Geez, if talking to Ilene means you want a guest spot on The L Word, I’m never going to be able to interview her.

The women of ABC’s The View disported themselves with embarrassing ignorance earlier this week when they interviewed Cybill Shepherd and Jennifer Beals, who were visiting the gabfest to promote the new season of The L Word.

Sherri Shepherd started things off by demonstrating her excellent background research, saying, "Cybill, you just joined the show." Since when does having shot two seasons of a show mean you just joined it? Cybill answered with quite a bit of graciousness when she said, "Yes, I just finished my second season."

But we didn’t have much time for nitpicking, because Elisabeth Hasselbeck immediately asked the most tiresome question ever asked of actresses who play lesbians: "Is it different kissing a man or a woman?"

Cybill once again played polite — and even edgy — when she answered: "It’s just fun, both of them. … I like ‘em both, I like kissing both."

But things just kept getting worse. After Sherri observed to Cybill, "Now you’re into the lifestyle of being a lesbian," referring to Cybill’s newly out character Phyllis, she asked if that meant that Phyllis and Jennifer Beals’ Bette were going to get together. Because obviously once a lesbian realizes there’s another lesbian anywhere in her vicinity, she hooks up with her immediately. That sexual orientation’s a powerful thing, man.

Last but not least, Joy Behar capped things off by commenting that all the women are so gorgeous on The L Word, but "Aren’t there any ugly lesbians out there?" (Guess that frumpy, flannel-wearing stereotype is still alive and well.)

Jennifer Beals showed remarkable restraint by answering, "Well, not everybody has two hours of hair and makeup."

Watch the debacle here:

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My favorite part of the whole fiasco? The expressions on Beals and Shepherd’s faces — as if they were thinking, my God, people really are that ignorant.

Maybe it’s because I live in a little queer bubble here at, but the ignorance that the women of The View showed earlier this week just floored me. Not only did they not do their homework as interviewers, they fell back on stereotypes and questions that just made them look stupid. And it’s clear that spending nine months in the company of an actual lesbian had no real effect on Hasselbeck or even Behar.

No wonder Rosie left.

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