Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 9, 2007)


The Berlin Film Festival opens this week, and a reader from Hong Kong tipped me off that among the many international films
vying for distribution is Ci-Qing
(The Spider Lilies)
, a Taiwanese drama starring Isabella
and Rainie Yang that involves a mysterious tattoo, an earthquake,
and two young women whose friendship becomes something more. In other words,
I couldn’t quite figure out the plot, but you can read about it yourself in
English here,
or in Mandarin here
(if any international readers are going to see the film and want
to review it for us in English, please let me know).

Since the film is directed by a woman (Zero Chou), there’s a chance this film
won’t end in tragedy or despair–on the other hand, one of the young women does
Internet porn, and the plot description ends with, "unwittingly, the two
young women find themselves at the centre of a secret police campaign, about
which neither Jade nor Takeko are aware."

Oh well, at least we have the pretty pictures:

This week on All My Children, Bianca said goodbye to her now ex-girlfriend
Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson) to spend more time with her family. Yes, that’s
actually the reason she gave. Like she’s stepping down as an Enron exec or something.
She and Maggie did share one last long kiss, the surest sign yet that the relationship
is over, at least for now–same-sex kisses are only allowed on AMC when the
boom is about to fall on the relationship.

The real reason Bianca’s dumping Maggie? If the prevailing spoilers are accurate,
Bianca’s going to fall for Zarf/Zoey (Jeffrey Carlson), the show’s new pre-op
male-to-female transwoman. I’m all for having a trans storyline on daytime television,
but here’s my question: WTF does that have to do with Bianca? Answer:
nothing, unless you’re trying to avoid all that controversial same-sex affection
and look cutting edge at the same time. At least in your own minds.

Congratulations, All My Children! You’re now rivaling the
Bush Administration for the number of times you’ve screwed over lesbians in
the last 8 years.


Fans of Vixtrola, fronted by out singer Jamie Blake (who also plays the electric
guitar and the piano–yes, she’s obnoxiously talented) are thrilled that the
pop-driven electronic rock band’s fantastic album End:User is finally
available to download via their
MySpace page
for $.99 a song. Be sure to check out their killer song "Waiting,"
which has been featured in the movie Darkness Falls and in shows like
Robbery Homicide and Birds of Prey.

Speaking of Birds of Prey, I miss that show. We need another TV drama
about a group of female superheroes who have cool powers! You know, the same
way Heroes is about a bunch of men with special powers, and women waiting
around to be saved by them.

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