Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 8, 2008)


The number of regular lesbian/bi characters on prime-time network scripted TV has inched up to three — at least this week. On Tuesday night’s House (Fox), the doctor known as "Thirteen" (presumably because she was the 13th doctor among 40 to be hired by Dr. House this season), played by Olivia Wilde (who previously played bi on The O.C.), was identified as bisexual.

As Dorothy Snarker reported on her blog, Foreman told her:

“I’m sure that you have many reasons to keep yourself a mystery — besides the fact that you’re bisexual … [pause as she stares wide-eyed at him ] … Denial would’ve worked before the long vacant stare.”

After not denying that she’s bisexual, Thirteen then asks that her sexuality not become "lunchtime gossip," which of course it immediately does. Here’s a video of the various suggestive clips:

Daily Motion

Hey, you know what? Snarker also predicted this last week on our blog. Her powers are even more advanced than I suspected! I think I want to modify that request I made earlier about Carmen and The L Word. Dear Dorothy: I’d love a Life–L Word crossover, if you could manage it, in which Carmen returns as a hot lesbian cop. She can arrest Alice for violating that nondisclosure agreement.

Arrested Development fans take note: The critically acclaimed but ratings-poor sitcom about the wealthy, dysfunctional Bluth family, starring (in part) Portia de Rossi as

Lindsay Bluth Fünke, may now be coming to a big screen near you.

Former cast member Jason Bateman (who played Michael Bluth, head of the Bluth family while his father is in jail) told E! Online’s Watch With Kristin that "a round of sniffing has started," and all of the cast members are on board. Although there’s no script yet, creator Mitch Hurwitz reportedly knows what he’d like to write, and Universal is interested.

Could this make up for the horrible end (as in: inexplicable disappearance from the show) that befell Portia on Nip/Tuck? At least it’s a step in the right direction.

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