Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 29, 2008)


This week the rumors about young actor Ellen Page‘s sexual orientation took on something of a feverish pitch when the Village Voice‘s Michael Musto demanded, "Is She or Isn’t She?" He wrote:

I mean, come on already, is she??? You know, Lebanese! She certainly dresses like a, you know, tomboy. And if you google “Ellen Page boyfriend,” not a whole lot comes up, except for a link to some interview where she refers to an old beau. … Come on, people, help me out of this mess! Before I get stampeded by publicists shrieking, “This is an invasion of privacy!” (yeah, yeah, shut up, this is what I do), let’s put the dykey pieces together. Is Juno a you know?

The blog girlfriendisahomo quickly began to attempt to track down some evidence, posting this screencap of Ellen Page at the Oscars with a woman who looked uncannily like (gasp!) a lesbian:

However, a commenter quickly noted that the mysterious woman is Kelly Bush, Page’s openly lesbian publicist. I can’t confirm this identification, but Kelly Bush is indeed a well-known publicist who represents, among others, Ellen DeGeneres.

Nonetheless, other sites have also jumped on the rumor bandwagon, including Defamer, which cites as evidence the fact that Page is scheduled to play a lesbian opposite Juno co-star Olivia Thirlby in the film Jack & Diane (now delayed until 2010). In the film, which has been mischaracterized as a movie about a teenage lesbian werewolf, Page’s character is reportedly a young lesbian dealing with her sexuality, and her "emotional turmoil" is represented by visions of werewolves.

Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby after the Oscars

What does all this mean? It means that apparently this is how you can tell if someone’s a lesbian:

  1. She dresses like a tomboy.
  2. There’s not a lot of info about her boyfriend(s) online.
  3. She didn’t bring a (male) date to the Oscars.
  4. She’s going to play a lesbian in a movie.

All of this gossip is both ridiculous and overly intrusive. If Ellen Page is bisexual or lesbian, she should be able to come out whenever the hell she wants, not when Michael Musto wants her to. And there’s nothing wrong with dressing like a tomboy.

I’m just surprised that no one cited the fact that her name is "Ellen" as further proof that she’s a lesbian.

DEMI DANCES BACKWARDS IN HIGH HEELS blogger Jamie Lynn reported that out lesbian Demi Sorono turned in a stellar performance earlier this week on So You Think You Can Dance Australia by performing the samba with her partner, Jack.

The judges, predictably, praised Demi (who has been known as a b-girl who prefers to dress like a tomboy) for femming it up. Matt Lee started off the critique by gushing, "The first major achievement I have to say, everyone, is that Demi is in a pair of heels!" Certainly, dancing backwards in high heels is an amazing accomplishment, but somehow I don’t think that’s what Lee was talking about.

Despite the expected "transformation" into traditional femininity, you can’t deny that Demi rocked the house in those heels. Check out her performance here:

Brava! Now if only those men would have to put on a pair of heels once in a while …

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