Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 22, 2008)


Out WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes announced this week that she will definitely play again. Several WNBA players recently wrote virtual postcards from the All-Star Weekend. Here’s Swoopes’ greeting:

Nice photo, nice words. Hmm, I wonder what that font is called — Swoopes Sans?


Episodes 5.6 and 5.7 of The L Word included some not-at-all-veiled references (“Kelly Corrigan” and “The Look”) to Rosie O’Donnell‘s stint on The View. What does Rosie think of that? Get out your secret decoder rings:

It’s so hard to resist replying with an actual haiku — so I’ll just give in:

rosie o’donnell

i miss your rambly, rash ways

be a guestbian


Rebecca Drysdale, aka the Time-Traveling Lesbian, unveiled the best belt buckle ever this week:

Order your own (and a few extra for past and future decades) at dykes in the city.


Alyson Hannigan will be attending the Buffy the Vampire Slayer
cast reunion
at the Paley Center in March.

This week, actor and activist Staceyann Chin‘s autobiographical piece “Paradise of Lies” was published in The New York Times.

Logo (’s parent company) relaunched its website this week. It’s vid-tastic!

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner have joined the producing team of off-Broadway’s The Beebo Brinker Chronicles. I’m totally going to haunt the theater now, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of them.

Out author Charlotte Mendelson tours the locations that inspired When We Were Bad on the Guardian site. (Thanks to Kate for the tip.)

Queer cinema expert Jenni Olson, who is also the Director of E-Commerce & Consumer Marketing at Wolfe Video, launched a new LGBT movie blog over the weekend. contributing writer and blogger Final Girl interviewed Guinevere Turner this week, about just about everything. Says Final Girl, “There’s, like, totally some gay stuff!”

Quarterlife, the TV series adapted from the web series, premieres Tuesday, Feb. 26 on NBC and then moves to its regular Sunday night time slot on March 2. The show features a “fluid sexuality” story line, which is certain to both titillate and frustrate.

For the Bible Tells Me So was released on DVD this week. The film captures the struggles of several Christian families with gay children.

Ellen Page is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, Feb. 22.

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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