Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 22, 2008)


For a couple of months now, I’ve been trying to figure out whether two upcoming movies based on the life of Elizabeth Bathory (aka the original lesbian vampire) are (1) ever coming out and (2) even a little bit lesbianish. I still don’t really know. But I won’t let that stop me!

First, The Countess, which looks likely to both scare and seduce.

Creator and star Julie Delpy (But I’m a Cheerleader) recently told The Guardian that she’s interested in both the truth and the myth of the Bloody Countess:

I’m fascinated by how myth is born, how people become demonised. History is, after all, written by the victors, and [Elizabeth Bathory] ended up dying under house arrest. But who was she really? Certainly highly sexual for a woman of her time. She was probably bisexual. She was also certainly very powerful, running affairs of state, controlling armies. Not a woman to mess with.

It turns out that mine won’t be the first film on her in the next year or so. … I was in Slovakia about eight years ago and told a bunch of local people that I was going to make a film about the countess. No, we are going to do that, they told me. We can’t let a Frenchwoman tell our story. And they were big guys, raised lots of money. The two films will be extremely different. Theirs will have lots of battles, a big epic. I’ll have about six people. … We can safely say that my film will be the more intimate one.

That “big epic,” Bathory, stars Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies).

Here’s the trailer for Bathory:

Hmm. I hope reclaiming the legend doesn’t involve de-vamping or de-gaying it. But I’m not optimistic. As Slovak and reader Phantom put it: “It’ll be a long, long time before the LGBT community is taken seriously here. So, since Bathory doesn’t need comic relief, there ain’t gonna be any queer content.” This really is a horror movie, isn’t it?

We’ll keep you updated as (rather, if) we get more information. But both films have been delayed so long, it seems likely that VLAAD (the Vampire Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation) is trying to keep them under wraps. Or under coffin lid, I guess.

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