Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 22, 2008)



“I am butch, I guess. In my physical appearance. When I show up at the White House and George and Laura just about have a heart attack because they can’t figure out who the f— I am — or what I am — because I’m in a tuxedo, yeah. Or when every single time I walk into the washroom in an airport, even being famous, people … think they’re in the wrong washroom, yeah. I think about it."

— Singer k.d. lang, whose first new album in eight years, Watershed, was released this month, to New York magazine


I have long suspected that there’s something in the water in Canada that makes people more creative, more compassionate and just plain cooler. The latest evidence of this phenomenon comes in the form of singer-songwriter Émily Bégin, who has written an “ode to love” specifically for her LGBT fans.

The song is called “Au Grand Jour,”
and the accompanying music video features several same-sex couples (yes, most of them are male, but still):

Bégin told Quebec’s Musiqueplus music channel that the song is also a way to acknowledge the struggles of her gay friends who grew up with her in Montreal. She has had a very gay-friendly career, appearing at Pride events and working with LGBT artists such as Mado Lamothe.

Visit Émily’s MySpace page and official site for more French-Canadian coolness. (And merci for the tip, Pamela and Morin!)


On Feb. 17, the all-lesbian classic rock band Wicked Jezabel was named Best Hard Rock Band at the “Wammies,” the annual Washington (D.C.) Area Music Association Awards. (Thanks to Marlene for the tip.)

Here they are showing off their trophy:

Any band that can do a decent version of Heart‘s “Barracuda” is more than OK by me:

Visit Wicked Jezabel’s MySpace page for more info and more kick-ass rock. (Sadly, there are no videos of them playing “Barracuda” on Guitar Hero III — then I’d really be impressed.)

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