Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 22, 2008)



The revival of Pulitzer Prize–winning play Crimes of the Heart recently opened off-Broadway to generally positive reviews. The show’s director, Kathleen Turner, and one of its stars, out actress Sarah Paulson, are getting particular notice.

The New Yorker
said stage vet Paulson “is an exceptionally gifted performer. She anchors whatever production she’s in with a kind of reasonableness that most actors shrink from. … Dressed in form-fitting jeans, knocking back a whiskey and smoking a cigarette, her mere presence is suggestive of a wider world.”

Point me to the box office!

The New York Times

called the show a “confident debut as a theater director” by Turner, and the paper’s website features a cool audio slide show of the play, complete with raspy-voiced commentary. Turner’s opening line? “I love relationships between women.” So do we, Kathleen!

If nothing else, it’s noteworthy for being a female-centric show: The author (Beth Henley), the three leads and the director are all women, as Turner and Paulson recently pointed out to New York magazine.

Crimes’ limited run continues through April 13.

Meanwhile, Paulson’s partner, Cherry Jones, won’t be gracing TV screens as the president on 24 until January 2009. The series was originally scheduled to start in January 2007, and after the strike, there was brief talk of a fall 2008 premiere. But now we have to wait till next January. That’s gonna be a big month.

I don’t know whether the 24 delay is good news or bad news. At first, I thought it would be better to have an image of a female president on TV — to help Americans get over their conceptual hurdles. But there’s a possibility that Jones’ character will be a bad president, so that’s a vision I’d rather keep out of the muddled minds of voters in November.

And anyway, as intrepid blogger the linster told me when she heard this news, “Maybe we can’t have a female president on TV until 2009, but we CAN elect a real one in 2008.”


On this week’s episode of October Road (thanks to LC for the tip), Amy Acker (Angel) played a lesbian named Jenny. At least this gay Jenny wasn’t crazy.

The character was a beer delivery girl who caught the eye of one of the main characters, Owen. He was startled to learn that the “girl of his dreams has girls in her dreams.” You can understand why he might be confused, considering Jenny’s ex’s name is Chris. Here’s a clip:

Ah, genderless name humor — it never gets old. During the episode, Owen and his friends had the stereotypical Skinemax reaction to the idea of two women together, and added that Jenny is even better than the standard fantasy because she delivers beer. Is this the new way of saying “all that and a bag of chips”?

It’s unlikely that Jenny will return to October Road, now that she’s served her purpose of educating the guys and stroking their egos — she told Owen he’d be at the top of her list if she were ever to consider dating men. But at least they didn’t consider her depraved or try to “cure” her — to me, these are still signs of progress. Isn’t it awful that “progress” can make you want to cry in your beer?

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