Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 16, 2007)


Jennifer Beals and Marlee Matlin did a very cute joint interview about what it was like working together and playing lovers on The L Word since they’ve been friends for so long. According to Matlin, "We met originally at the airport on the way to Los Angeles. I remember saying to [my interpreter] Jack, ‘I think that’s Jennifer Beals.’ She had a leather coat on and she looked very sort of Flashdance. (Laughs) Sorry Jennifer, I had to put that in. But she looked very smart because she had all her school books from Yale with her."

It’s kinda like when I chatted with Pierce Brosnan at the Kauai airport a few years ago while waiting for our luggage at the same carousel. Except one of us isn’t deaf, and we didn’t become lifelong friends, or play lovers on TV. But he did look smart in his bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt.

Back to The L Word (how great was last week’s episode, BTW?), and Jennifer Beals–those of you who have been clamoring for more sex on the show will be thrilled with the next episode (4.7 "Lesson Number One"), which opens with one couple in bed, ends with another couple knockin’ docks on the kitchen table, and has a game of strip poker in the middle.

Plus, Bette walks around for several minutes in pajama bottoms and a white tank top showing off her arms, which is sure to make Scribe Grrrl swoon.

Wolfe Video has just picked up the distribution rights to Riparo, a movie debuting at the Berlin Film Festival last week that is described as "the dramatic story of a lesbian couple in Italy who take in a Moroccan teen; a decision that turns all three lives upside down."

Sounds somewhat interesting, right? Until you read co-star Maria de Mederios’s version of the story:

"I play Anna, a businesswoman from northern Italy who is in a relationship with a woman. After coming back from a vacation in Tunisia, they discover that, unbeknownst to them, a young, illegal immigrant snuck into the trailer of their car and arrives in Italy almost dead. Anna sees this boy as a son from the very beginning. Her companion, on the other hand, sees him first as rival then as an object of desire."

Oh goodie, another movie about a woman in a lesbian relationship who falls for a man! So here’s a question: would you ever see the same plot with a gay male couple and a stow-away teenage girl? Sure, there’s probably at least one movie out there about that. But there aren’t tens of hundreds.

On the other hand, cute women speaking Italian might make up for the annoying premise…but probably not.

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