Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 13, 2009)


"I have been made aware of [my female following] over the years, particularly around my Buffy years … I remember a lot of people leaning to Faith and Buffy having this deep down love for one another … I have a lot of lesbian-love fans out there, and a lot of gay men who still do cheers in supermarkets from Bring It On.”

Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku to

Out actresses Jill Bennett (Dante’s Cove) and Cathy DeBuono (Out at the Wedding) are starring in a new web series launching tomorrow called We Have to Stop Now, which follows "two smokin’ hot lesbian therapists as they struggle to keep up the pretence of staying together when a documentary film crew invades their home after the success of their book How To Succeed In Marriage Without Even Trying."

New installments of the six-episode series — which is written by Ann Noble and guest stars comedian Suzanne Westenhofer — will be posted every other Saturday on Jill’s official website, with additional footage running on alternate Saturdays.

Also look for Jill to guest on this week’s episode of Cherry Bomb later today.

In other web series news, the popular web series Lovers & Friends has just posted a fifth episode, which answers several questions, including "Is Sasha gonna marry James? Will Tori and Christina’s romance heat up?  Is Dre’s doggish ways gonna get her in trouble? Where is Lisa?"

Sadly for viewers, the episodes does not answer the question, "Where can I find cute single women like this in my neighborhood?" Watch the episode here.

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In case you missed it last Friday, Clementine Ford came out.

Wanda Sykes has been tapped to headline the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

Episodes devoted to the lesbian wedding on All My Children will air on ABC today, Feb. 13 and Monday, Feb. 16. In a new interview this week, Executive Producer Julie Hanan Carruthers explained their thinking around the Reese and Bianca storyline (warning: spoilers and annoying rationalization).

Writer and director Shamim Sarif‘s The World Unseen swept the SAFTA awards (South African Film and Television Awards), winning nine awards total, including
Best Director Feature Film,
Best Writer Feature Film,
Best Editor Feature Film,
Best Supporting Actor (David Dennis),
Best Supporting Actress (Natalie Becker),
and Best Ensemble (Acting).

Oscar-nominated biopic Milk will be released on DVD on March 10.

Bisexual UK personality Rebecca Loos is pregnant and says she’s done with living a "crazy, single" life.

The American Library Association released its 2009 Rainbow List last Friday, which lists noteworthy recent LGBTQ YA books (12 out of 25 YA books include lesbians, but not clear if there are any bisexual).

Our sister site is now recapping each episode of The Rachel Maddow Show daily with RachelWatch (video included). For more Rachel Maddow, read this glowing profile of Rachel in The Guardian (thanks to wordhawk for the tip!).

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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