Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 1, 2008)

Despite my countless attempts to explain it, our fearless leader Sarah Warn still doesn’t understand the popularity of the Pussycat Dolls with many a randy lesbian. Luckily for us, Sarah doesn’t run the show over at the CW. Because if she did, we’d have nothing but ’round the clock Buffy reruns, leaving no room on the schedule for shows like Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.

According to the press release, Girlicious is a "ten-episode music/reality series making dreams come true when young hopefuls land one of three coveted spots to become part of a brand new musical group called ‘Girlicious.’" After launching a nationwide search, the producers have chosen 15 finalists possessing "dance ability and superstar charisma" who will try to sing and dance their way into the judges’ hearts (and your vulnerable psyche).

The lucky judges are choreographer and Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, rapper Lil’ Kim and Geffen Records chairman Ron Fair. The press release promises that "dreams become reality when the brand new group Girlicious is formed and immediately record an album, film a music video, go on tour and earn a record contract with Geffen Records."

Among the 15 dreamers is one out lesbian, Keisha. Keisha hails from North Hollywood, Calif., and lists Beyoncé and Aaliyah as her favorite musical acts.

Here’s Keisha strutting her stuff with fellow contestants Ilisa and Carrie:

There’s no other personal info about Keisha listed on the CW website at this time, so I suppose we’ll have to tune in to Girlicious to see if she fits the reality TV lesbian contestant requirements of being (a) a frontrunner, (b) hot, and (c) secretly desired by all of her straight castmates (except for the obligatory religiously conservative — and clearly conflicted — girl who will get booted off by the third episode).

Girlicious premieres on the CW on Monday, Feb. 18, at 9:00 p.m. ET, whether Sarah Warn likes it or not.

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