Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 8, 2006)



Jennifer Hudson, the former American Idol contestant

and upcoming star of the blockbuster musical Dreamgirls,

is embroiled in controversy after she made remarks in an

interview recently that were considered by some to be anti-gay.

In response, Hudson posted a statement

on her blog saying, "I find it upsetting that some

folks equate being a Christian with being intolerant of

gay people. That may, unfortunately, be true for some, but

it is not true for me. I have talked often of my love and

support of the gay community… Yes, I was raised Baptist.

Yes, I was taught that the Bible has certain views on homosexuality.

The Bible also teaches us not to judge. It teaches us to

love one another as God loves us all. I love my sister,

my two best friends and my director dearly. They happen

to be gay. So what? … I hope that my friends and fans

who know me, know where I stand."


she doesn’t come out and say she was misquoted – and frankly,

she probably does have mixed opinions on the issue – Jennifer

seems to be making a genuine effort to be supportive of

the gays here. And if she loves her lesbian sister, I’m

willing to forgive and forget.



Beginning tomorrow, Logo is running short clips of Queer

Year on air. The special features a

group of entertainment people – the women include director/actor

Amanda Bearse, actor Jenny

Shimizu, and can’t-act-my-way-out-of-a-paper-bag me

– discussing the major GLBT pop culture and political events

of the year. Topics ranged from music (Melissa

Etheridge’s Grammy performance) to movies and TV (Imagine

Me and You, The

Black Dahlia, The

L Word, South

of Nowhere, etc.) to politics (various sleazy sex

scandals involving gay men – for once, I was glad to have

lesbians underrepresented!)


been running promos of the show on the air for the last

few weeks, with a clip of me at the end saying "Don’t

get between a lesbian and a Pussycat Doll!" which sounds

really odd out of context. Just to explain: I was talking

about how shocked I was at Dinah Shore last year to discover

how many lesbians loved The Pussycat Dolls (I’m still a

little freaked out by that). I also thought the camera was

turned off at the time – what can I say, I was distracted

by the figure-skater hairstyle they give me! But

overall, it was pretty fun – look for the clips on air and


starting this weekend.



Elizabeth Hendrickson is returning to All

My Children in mid-January, reprising her roles

as the cheating Maggie. I’m guessing there’ll be lots of

hand wringing and tearful apologies between Maggie and Bianca.

But make-up sex? Not likely.


is not leaving not

leaving The View.


lesbian entertainment exec Nina Jacobson, recently ousted

from Disney, has landed

a production deal at Dreamworks.


Cheney is pregnant. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus


it "the Ellen DeGeneres moment of national politics".


manga artist Megan Gedris was awarded

Prism Comic’s first grant to produce her comic, YU+ME.


Morissette’s role as Liz’s controlling girlfriend on Nip/Tuck


out with a whimper this week.


week on the blog, you all definitely had something to say

about our lists of TV’s

Top 10 Female Cops and TV’s

Top 10 Female Doctors. Other popular topics: Kate

Winslet and Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, the

ER kiss, and evolution

of the dance. Because we’ve all done The Robot at least

once in a our lives.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for
a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. or read past installments here.

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