Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 7, 2007)

We recently mentioned the annual "I
Heart Brooklyn" calendar
, which features women who love women who live
in Brooklyn, and since the end of the year is fast approaching, I thought I’d
mention a few other calendars that may be of interest.

First, the Lambda
Literary calendar
, which includes notable LGBT writers such as Ann
Bannon, Betty Berzon, Leslie Feinberg, Barbara Gittings
and Audre

Then there’s this I Love Ldn Girls calendar, which features — you guessed it — lesbians
from London:

Then there’s the 2008 L
, which includes cast photos from last season.

While looking up this calendar, I stumbled across an upcoming L
board game
, the object of which is to "Battle
it out with your friends for the ownership of The Planet.

If you land on the "Jenny" square, do you have to kill the dog of
the person sitting to your left?

The idea of an L Word game is novel, but it seems like they could
have come up with a more interesting objective. How about "Battle it out
with your friends to see who can get Shane to commit!" Or a version of
the classic board game "Sorry!" in which you have to go back three
spaces every time you draw a card that says "Heterosexual Sex Scene"
or "You Killed Dana." Or even a Karaoke-type game where you "Compete
with screeching monkeys to see who can come up with a better theme song than
the current one!" Nah, that last one would be too easy.

For more ideas of gifts that your loved ones won’t secretly re-gift, check out our holiday
recommendations in the Logo shop
and our amusing holiday
gift guide
. The Hillary
seems to be a popular item, so get it while supplies last!

50th Annual Grammy nominations
were announced last night, and the nominees
include Meshell Ndegeocello‘s song "Fantasy"
for Best Urban/Alternative Performance, Joan Armatrading‘s Into
the Blues
for Best Contemporary Blues Album, and Sweet
Honey in the Rock
‘s Experience … 101 for Best Musical Album
for Children.

This week’s lesbian-related DVD releases include the TV movie Battlestar
Galactica: Razor
and the
fourth season of The Wire
. The fifth and final season
of The Wire starts Jan. 6 on HBO.

Out fiction writer, essayist and screenwriter Kelley Eskridge
was interviewed by Public Radio International’s To The Best of Our Knowledge this week about her latest story collection, Dangerous Space; listen
to it here
. will be
streaming the first episode of the new season of The L Word (only for
Americans, most likely) a week before it debuts on Showtime on Jan. 6.

Spin magazine has an interesting new
Q&A with Beth Ditto

Nina’s Heavenly Delights is opening
at the Landmark
Theater in San Francisco this weekend. In a new interview with the San Francisco Chronicle,
director Pratibha Parmar talks about how the film was loosely based on how she
met her own partner.

Michelle Paradise ran into some technical difficulties this
week with her Exes & Ohs vlog,
but she’s definitely still doing a seventh and final vlog episode; look for it on the
site early next week.

Last but not least — our site search finally works again, and better
than ever (most of the time). It’s a Christmas miracle! Now if only Santa would
bring me that non-pregnant lesbian on broadcast TV …

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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