Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 7, 2007)


The indie film The Guitar, in which openly bisexual
actress Saffron Burrows plays a woman who is
"transformed after she is diagnosed with a terminal disease, fired from
her job and abandoned by her boyfriend," will have its world premiere at
the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in January.

In the movie, Burrows’ character gets romantically involved with another woman
as she "throws caution to the wind to pursue her dreams." Ah yes,
caution-throwing — the beginning of many a coming-out story. Well, that
and the over-imbibing of spirits. Usually a combination of both.

Also opening in the United States next year is The Bank Job, based on the true
life story of a London-based heist in which the robbers (one of whom is played
by Burrows) got away with millions.

Here’s Saffron is at the Lambda Legal Liberty Awards in West Hollywood, Calif.,
in October:

Saffron also graces the cover of this month’s Vegas
, telling them, "I’m naturally quite a cautious person, and
then I have a hidden adventurer inside of me, often very reluctant to embark,
longing for home and security, and then making these forays into the world,
and when I come home I feel triumphant, like a sailor."

I like the idea of Saffron as a sailor, and I’ll willing to give The Guitar
and The Bank Job a chance, but you couldn’t pay me enough to watch
her hook up with James Spader on Boston Legal again. My
eyes still haven’t recovered from the burning.

This week, out comedian Bridget McManus kindly filled in for
Jill on this week’s episode
of our video blog We’re Getting Nowhere,
and I thought I’d include a little more info about her here so you know she’s
more than just a pretty funny face.

OK, that came out wrong. What I mean is, she’s obviously funny and
pretty, but she’s also wicked smart, as my freshman college roommate used to say.

Bridget has a blog called Comedy
Double Standards
she launched specifically to address the crap that women (and lesbians)
have to put with in the world of stand-up comedy. Although she doesn’t update
the blog frequently, when she does it’s a hilarious mix of social commentary
and personal expression. She rants about how a recent show she did was deemed "too gay" because three of the 10 comics were openly gay ("If there were 3 black comics and 7 white comics, do you think
the white comics would dare comment on the black comics presence?"), and waxes on about the pre-teen empress in The Neverending Story ("I rented the film last weekend and realized how HORRIBLY BAD and brilliant
it is at the same time. I just wanted to give a shout out to the Empress.
Where is she now and if she’s single I’d like to hit that s—!").

For a taste of Bridget uncensored, check out this very not-safe-for-work video
of her stand-up routine in Pasadena, Calif., earlier this year:

Roofies are the new drug for couples with mismatched sex drives? So wrong it’s

Read Dara’s very funny September Q&A
with Bridget
and visit her MySpace
for more stand-up clips and info about where to catch her act.

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