Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 7, 2007)

This week, reality TV star Tila Tequila angrily
refuted a recent gossip
in the New York Post cleverly titled "Tila Called Closet
Straight!" that claims she’s secretly heterosexual and just pretending
to be bi for the fame and glory.

You can read Tila’s
blog post
about it in full, but here’s the relevant excerpt:

I find it absolutely absurd that they would even make such an ignorant
statement such as “She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls
have, but she is not bi at all.” That is such an absurd stereotype to place
on all women and it just shows people how ignorant people can be! … People
can say whatever they want about me. My whole life I have been judged so that’s
nothing new to me so I don’t feel the need to justify my sexuality to anyone!
One minute, back in the day when I was still modeling, people talked sh*t about
me for being “lesbian” for shooting sexy pictures with other females and now
I’m too “straight” come on! Who’s really the confused one here? Definitely not

I’ll admit, I’ve wondered from the beginning if Tila is faking it for the cameras,
partly because when she talks about gay rights issues, she uses the word "you,"
as in "you [gay people] deserve the same rights we [straight people] have.
But I’ve reserved judgment because, really, nobody but Tila knows the truth.

Whether the Post gossip item is true or not, it annoyingly assumes
that having a boyfriend is somehow proof that a woman isn’t bisexual, which
reinforces the inaccurate belief that women are no longer bisexual when they’re
dating men.

But here’s what I love about this whole thing: When was the last time you remember
seeing someone indignantly denounce a tabloid story claiming they’re straight?
That has to be some kind of progress, right?

The Scissor Sisters have a new DVD out, Hurrah: A Year of Ta-Dah, and their songwriter and bassist
recorded this greeting to readers:

Thanks, Baby … er, Daddy. Right back at ya!

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