Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 7, 2007)


TV alert! The murder investigation on tonight’s episode of Women’s
Murder Club
features a bunch of drag queens and a drag king, who is
presumably a lesbian. Get the details at
(Warning: spoilers!).

Ten bucks says the lesbian did it, but I doubt anyone would bet against me
— on crime shows, if the lesbian isn’t the victim, she’s almost always
the one who did it.

Maybe this time will be different, though. On an episode that aired a few weeks ago, WMC did include a lesbian sports agent
who was neither the criminal nor the victim. Just
a bitch. But hey, that’s an improvement over a killer bitch.

Watch our latest episode of She Made Me Watch
to see the lesbian sports agent get interrogated
by Angie Harmon, and hear our stunningly insightful analysis
of the scene ("It was great!"), as well as other TV highlights of
the week, including the Best Mid-Season Cliffhanger, the Best Hot Dead Ex, and
the Best Love Triangle.

Wilhelmina Slater: That’s why you’re so beloved. You’re so
loyal to your fans.
Betty White: I do! I do adore them. [pauses] Except for the
psycho ones who send me lesbian erotica fan fiction about me and Bea Arthur.

Betty White guest-starring on Ugly Betty (“Bananas for Betty”). Thanks to
AE reader BU Babe for the tip!

This week on Life (NBC),
Sarah Shahi‘s character, Dani, was unexpectedly kissed
by another woman at a party she stumbled into with her partner (Damian
) during an investigation. Naturally, we have a clip for you:

It’s no seduction of Shane in the kitchen, but hey, we’ll take it!

Shahi recently told the New
York Daily News
that while her role on The
L Word
"gave me the luxury of being a bit pickier with my roles,"
it also ended up hurting her ability to get other roles, because "I was
pigeonholed for a while … it was my first big serious role, it definitely
put impressions in people’s minds."

I know some AE readers were put off by her comments, but I don’t think she
was putting down the show or the role, just speaking an uncomfortable truth.
Landing a high-profile role when you’re an unknown is always a double-edged
sword — it makes you more visible, but it can also come to define you.

The positive side of playing a prominent (non-serial killer) lesbian role?
You have a guaranteed fan base for life. Gabrielle Christian
may grow up to become the next Meryl Streep, but to
readers, she’ll always be one-half of Spashley.

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