Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 21, 2007)


In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been looking back on 2007. From The L Word to Puccini for Beginners to Yo Majesty, we cover all the ups and downs of the year that was in television, film and music. Plus, we check our lists of who’s naughty and nice and make a point to award visibility. We’re like Wikipedia, only a lot gayer and a lot less errer-prone. Er, error-prone!


Have you finished your holiday shopping? No? If you can’t bear to brave the long lines and frantic crowds, rest assured you’re not alone. This picture of Jodie Foster, featured in this week’s issue of Us magazine, pretty much says it all:

Pick me up some triple rolls of Cottonelle and a hedge trimmer, will ya?


We’ve finally posted Michelle Paradise‘s

long-awaited worst date stories vlog, in which she and a handful of special guestbians you might recognize re-enact some of the stories you submitted, complete with puppets, costumes, random asides and outtakes. Here’s a glimpse of the improv group in action (that’s Michelle in the middle):

The re-enactments are hilarious, the dating stories truly horrifying (in a

good way), and Michelle and company go on all sorts of amusing tangents while

making fun of each other at every opportunity. They also give away a fabulous

prize to the winner with the saddest-sack story. It’s the best low-tech lesbian

improv vlog online! (Of course, it’s probably the only low-tech

lesbian improv vlog online, but that’s just quibbling.) Watch it here now!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! has a fascinating article about Bill O’Reilly (he’s on our naughty list this year).

Author Diane Middlebrook died Dec. 18. Middlebrook wrote Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton, a biography of the transgender jazz musician.

An reader passed along the MySpace page for Heather of America’s Next Top Model. Heather lists “my gay mommies” as her heroes.

The American Film Institute included Friday Night Lights and Mad Men among its 2007 honorees — they so totally copied us.

Don’t forget: Cashmere Mafia premieres Jan. 6, and so do The L Word and The Wire. When it rains, it pours lesbian cats and dogs.

Finally, the staff is taking a break for the holidays. We’ll be back Jan. 2, 2008, with more news, reviews, recaps and New Year’s resolutions. (I’m pretty sure we’ll all resolve to get more sleep — and that vow will last about a day.) Happy holidays, everyone!

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