Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 21, 2007)



This week there were a few bleak headlines about the writers’ strike, like this one from Reuters: “Writers’ strike ends most U.S. scripted TV work.” Sigh. You know what that means: More reality shows.

Right on cue, some Survivor casting news has surfaced. Ami Cusack (Survivor: Vanuatu) will join other former castaways on Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites. Ami identified as a lesbian when she was on Survivor in 2004 and had a female partner at the time, but she now lists herself as “single” on her MySpace profile and uses the quote “Its not the Gender, Its the Person.” Draw from that what you will, and please add apostrophes while you’re at it.

What are we up to now … the 4,382nd season of Survivor? They should call it Survivor: Microscopic to indicate the size of its audience. But at least a gay contestant won Survivor: China.

Meanwhile, Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch) said some things this week that ought to get him banished to his own little island. His wife, Adrianne Curry, apparently posed for some “sexy lesbian photos” and presented them to Chris as a birthday gift. He wasn’t thrilled: In an upcoming episode of My Fair Brady, he says, “It is the physicalisation of my worst fears. It creeps me out. I want a separation.”

I must raise my voice in song. “The homophobe, the homophobe./That’s the way he became a homophobe! Ba dup-a-dah buh bah da dah!


The at-least-somewhat-lesbian-themed movie When Kiran Met Karen, which has recently undergone some not-very-positive changes, is in postproduction. Here are a couple of shots of Karen (Kelli Holsopple) and Kiran (Chriselle Almeida). The first one makes me squint — did they film on a solar flare?

But this next one is cute.

I bet they’re checking the length of their fingers so they can figure out whether they’re really gay. No need, really: Karen’s wardrobe says it all.

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