Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 21, 2007)


The new web series Rebecca Drysdale
Is a Time-Traveling Lesbian
recently debuted on Each fantastical, funny three- or four-minute
webisode chronicles the adventures of the titular comedian as she zips
forward and back in time, saving the world and making out with girls.

Her sci-fi exploits take the hilariously
caustic and perpetually confused Drysdale from her video-store-and-improv-troupe
present to disco-era Studio 54 (where she hooks up with a ’70s hottie)
to ancient Rome (where she hooks up with a toga-wearing hottie played
by The Big Gay Sketch Show‘s Nicol Paone) to the Summer of Love (where she hooks up with
a hippie hottie) to the Civil War and Nazi Germany (where she does not
hook up with anyone, but does nab some evildoers).

With her trusty chunky watch-phone and
her improv skills — which help her fit into any scene, historical or
futuristic — the often befuddled Drysdale attempts to stop baddies from misusing
information à la Biff from Back to the Future Part II.

The series is surprisingly well-written
(by the adorably sarcastic Drysdale) and professionally filmed, with all manner
of hilarious pop-culture references, plus the occasional well-placed
F-bomb. It’s produced in part by HBO, ostensibly as a result of the
development deal the channel struck with Drysdale in 2005.

Here’s the first episode:

The globe-trotting gay-themed series
is part Alias, part Dr. Who, part Flight of the Conchords, part History
Channel and part Dykes
in the City
. And since the
last episode is a cliffhanger, presumably these won’t be the last
we see of the comedian’s winning capers.

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