Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 21, 2007)


This week, the Daily Mail featured pictures of Sienna Miller cozying up to costar Tara Elders in the film Interview, in which Miller plays a “hugely popular celebrity” who is interviewed by a journalist.

Uh, I can’t say that looks like a very good kiss (you might say it’s reminiscent of Bobby and Tila, actually). But Sienna’s comments about the film are certainly intriguing. She said she “carefully studied” a certain someone in preparation for the role: "I could never say who they are, which is going to be frustrating, but yes there is a certain person that I studied from afar a bit for the role, but she is American."

Well, whoever the subject was, the studies paid off: Sienna has been nominated for a U.K. Critics’ Circle Film Award. Who knew you could garner critical acclaim by reenacting a scene from Kissing Jessica Stein?


A video of a woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of rapper Remy Ma has been floating around this week. It’s way too crazy to post here; suffice it to say the woman isn’t happy with the way she and Remy left things. At the end of the video, she calls Remy (supposedly) and asks her to stop “frontin’.”

The hip-hopper disclaims any knowledge or involvement — in fact, she felt the need to issue an official statement through her publicist:

The staged video and storyline, as well as the voice on the phone posing as Remy are all fictitious and have made it very obvious that this is a deliberate attempt to undermine Remy’s name and character. Remy Ma has not nor has she ever been involved in a same sex relationship with the accuser or any other woman however Remy is respectful of those who choose the alternative lifestyle. Again, this video and claim are both 100% untrue and we hope that the involved accusers are aware of the civil liberties violated in the taping of this video.

I’m aghast. But I’m even more aghast — I guess agog would be the word — over‘s awesome response to that ignorant blather: “The idea of ‘choosing’ one’s orientation is nearly as ridiculous as Remy’s choices in wigs.” Word!

On a related note, this week Blender magazine named Fergie their woman of the year and asked her some provocative questions (hat tip to roc): You’ve talked openly about having sexual
experiences with women. Did you ever have a real
relationship with one?

Fergie: No, it was just fun. When did that last happen?

Fergie: [Smiles] In the hotel room, with channel 34.
Me and a few bitches got down. That was my last
lesbian experience.

Whoa! Well, if that sort of thing counts as an “experience,” I think I need to talk to someone about my encounter with a jar of macadamia nuts and the Man vs. Wild guy.

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