Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 21, 2007)


“There’s this perception that because I’m an out lesbian or have a flattop, that I’m ‘out there.’ And I embrace that. But I’ve always used humor to provoke people. And I’m genuinely nostalgic about childhood and suburbia and all that. I’m much more Harriet Nelson than anyone would ever suspect.”
— Folksinger and artist Phranc to Time Out New York


What do you get when you take the creators of My So-Called Life, toss in a Girltrash! star (Michelle Lombardo) and add a dash of internet voyeurism?

You get a show called Quarterlife, and you also get a character with an interesting past. (Thanks to reader Jo for the tip.)

(Warning: Spoilers)

We’ve been talking about Quarterlife on the blog, mostly because an online show about a video blogger is an irresistible concept to internet types like us. But we also thought there was something about it that promised lesbian or bi content, and this week our suspicions were confirmed.

Episode 12 revealed that Dylan (Bitsie Tulloch), the main character, had a brief relationship with a woman. Here’s Dylan having a heart-to-heart with Lisa (Maite Schwartz):

Flirty, matter-of-fact and adorable — what’s not to love? (Well, Dylan does say some fairly odd things after that.) But what I really love is the fact that it’s not a sweeps stunt or a titillating remark. The whole thing is actually going to be explored! By the time you read this, Episode 13 will have been posted on The episode is called “Anxiety,” which doesn’t exactly bode well.

If you’re not inclined to watch 10-minute segments on the web, take heart: NBC has purchased the broadcast rights. The prime-time TV series (repackaged in 30-minute episodes) debuts Feb. 18.

Note to the producers: Please try to work in a cameo for Rayanne Graff (A.J. Langer). She always seemed to have so much potential, if you know what I mean.

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