Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 14, 2007)


Speaking of films about lesbian African Americans, there’s a new independent film called She Wasn’t Last Night, produced by Griot Soul Films, the brainchild of writer-director Darice Jones. "Most low-to-no budget films are independent, while ours is decidedly inter-dependent and connected with a larger vision of healing & holistic expression within Black and Black-connected communities," Jones told us.

In She Wasn’t Last Night, which Jones characterizes as a "dramedy," Shantel Crockett (Anissa Primus Aslton) discovers that all is not well in her three-year relationship with Reyna (La Shanda Armstrong), a woman 10 years younger than her who is also being pursued by the town player, Jack (Janae Brumby). Here’s the trailer:

Jones said that they are currently in pre-production, but they already have most of their cast and crew in place and are hoping to begin principal photography next month. You can find out more about the film at Griot Soul Films or by joining their social network. And watch for more on the movie right here in the near future.

As we all I gear up for the grand finale of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila next Tuesday night, the great Tila Promotional Machine has kicked into high gear. Well, sort of.

Tila made an appearance on Chelsea Lately on E! the other night to talk about how she got her name and how she feels about the tabloid rumors that she’s faking her bisexuality. Though she started off by saying that she didn’t feel the need to prove that she’s a "lesbian" (she said "lesbian," not "bisexual"!), she wound up offering to "motorboat" host Chelsea Handler. (Imagine some wheels spinning.)

Miss Nguyen (her real last name) also talked about some of her first experiences with girls, which included role playing at age 10 (so that’s when she first played "hospital") as well as the classic checking out of cheerleaders in the locker room. Tila even reveals that she didn’t know she was interested in guys until high school. Watch her giggle right here:

One of Tila’s two romantic finalists, Dani Campbell, has been in the news herself lately, with a New York Post article about her reprinted in the unlikeliest of places:

In the original story, Dani talks about her new clothing line, to be called Futch (of course), that she describes on her MySpace page as "more aggressive (if you will) cut/styled shirts, jeans, jackets, belts, etc."

Perhaps Dani will model some of her new "aggressive" wear (are uniforms involved? please?) to Tila Tequila’s New Year’s Eve Masquerade 2008, which MTV just announced will air on — you guessed it — New Year’s Eve. Apparently several of Tila’s scorned suitors will show up to party down with her and listen to performances by Mary J. Blige, Kid Rock and others.

What I want to know is: Who is Tila going to kiss at the stroke of midnight? I just hope that if Vanessa and Ashley show up, they are both physically restrained when that ball drops in Times Square. We wouldn’t want to start Tila’s fairy tale romance off with a spot of manslaughter.

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