Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 14, 2007)

Earlier this month, scribegrrrl briefed us on the rumors of Queen Latifah‘s supposed nuptials to her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. In case you hadn’t heard, Queen Latifah is not an out lesbian, and has recently done all she can to prove that she’s straight (short of dating an actual, um, man).

In fact, when she talked to the Chicago Sun-Times to promote her latest film, The Perfect Holiday (also starring perennial lesbian fave Gabrielle Union of Bring It On fame), Latifah responded directly to the rumors, saying: ”When you’re famous these days, it’s just part of the deal — unfortunately. People will make up all sorts of things that are not true. … There ain’t gonna be no wedding.”

But she quickly fanned the gay flames again in an appearance on The View, when she talked about what she looked forward to during the holidays: "food, football, family and fun," and View co-host Sherri Shepherd responded, "A fine man wouldn’t help."

Obviously she meant "A fine man wouldn’t hurt," but Whoopi Goldberg, quick on the uptake, commented from the sidelines: "A fine man wouldn’t help." (Nervous) laughter ensues.

Here’s the video itself (apologies for the problems with the sound syncing):

I’m betting that when Queen Latifah’s family gets together to play football, she’s the one calling the plays. It’s which team she plays on that has everyone guessing.

Last week, Tegan and Sara were interviewed by ABC News, where they chatted amiably about being on tour, why it’s OK for them to be rude to each other (but not to their band), and how being out about their sexual orientation has affected them. The best part of the interview? When Sara says jokingly, "I’m so distracted by being gay all the time that it’s hard for me; I have to have a personal assistant."

Watch the video here:

You know, that’s the best excuse for needing a personal assistant I have ever heard. And goodness knows, nobody is more distracted by being gay than I am — I mean, look at my job! Sarah, can I have a personal assistant, too?

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