Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (December 14, 2007)


As dedicated Bianca and Eden Riegel fans may already know, Bianca (Riegel) is scheduled to return to Pine Valley for a holiday visit on Dec. 26 in All My Children. From the photos that have been released of her visit, it looks like Bianca’s bringing her daughter, Miranda (Haley Evans), along with her.

The last time we heard from Bianca was in August, when she phoned in from Paris, where she is living with her daughter. It wasn’t clear if she was still interested in Zoe, the transgender, lesbian rock star formerly known as Zarf (and no, I can’t believe I didn’t make that up, either), or whether she had renewed her on-again, off-again endless pit of angst with ex-girlfriend Maggie (Elizabeth Hendrickson), who is also living in Paris.

Will Bianca’s visit home for the holidays clear up any of these mysteries? Will Maggie follow her to Pine Valley and try to sweep Bianca off her feet all over again? Will Zoe/Zarf chose a new name that starts at the beginning of the alphabet? Tune in on Dec. 26 to find out!

Even better news? Soap Opera Digest and are reporting that Riegel is in talks to return to the soap in February for a longer-term storyline — hopefully one that doesn’t suck. Now that would be a Christmas miracle!

An anonymous L Word fan has just made a $1 million donation to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation — the largest private donation in the Foundation’s history — in honor of actors Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey. As many of you well remember, Erin Daniels’ character, Dana Fairbanks, died of breast cancer in Season 3 of The L Word.

The donor, according to the press release, "wanted to honor these two actresses and the intense love and friendship that existed between the characters they played." The $1 million will establish the Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey Fund for Breast Cancer, and the mysterious benefactor has also pledged to match every dollar donated to the fund in 2008 and 2009.

"It is an honor that our breast cancer story line touched someone in such a tremendous way that she so generously gave to such a tragic illness," said Leisha Hailey in the press release. "I am awed by her gesture and it inspires me to act with my conscience and give of myself."

According to Dr. Susan Love, who made a guest appearance on The L Word after Dana’s diagnosis: "After I was on the show, the donor visited our website and began to educate herself about the intraductal research we are doing. In our work, she saw the potential for cure, and she recognized the difference a significant donation could make."

And by "significant," she wasn’t kidding! What a way to turn a devastating story line into something much more positive. If you’d like to make a donation to the Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey Fund, visit the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

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