Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 8, 2008)

This week, the Los Angeles Times ran a brief interview with lesbian icons Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, formerly of Prince and the Revolution and, of course, famous for their own band, Wendy and Lisa.

For the last 15 years, the duo have have found success in composing for film and television, most notably for Heroes, and will soon be releasing their first studio album in 10 years, White Flags of Winter Chimneys (you can preview tracks from it here).

Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin

The Times reporter, Choire Sicha, asked them all about their musical influences, if their history with Prince opened any doors for them (not so much), and how they’ve managed to work together for so many years without coming to blows (turns out they’ve had their moments).

But the most interesting part of the interview, in my opinion, was left on the newspaper version of the cutting room floor, so Sicha posted it on his own site upon discovering the omission.

Choire Sicha: Do you think the surprisingly long-lived lesbian-chic, or bi-chic, trend is directly traceable to [Prince and the Revolution song] "Computer Blue"?
Wendy: Holy mackerel!
Lisa: Can I just say, yeah, why not?
Wendy: Yes. "Lisa, is the water warm enough yet?" You mean that shtick?
Lisa: Definitely. And that’s what we intended. We wanted to create The L Word. And I want credit.

Why would the reporter even ask such a question? Oh I don’t know, maybe because of images from back in the day like this:

Or this:

I will say that when I saw Purple Rain in the theater, Wendy and Lisa’s collective keyboarding made me a bit uncomfortable in that "Oh no, I think I’m gay" kind of way. And when I did finally come out, their first record was in heavy rotation on my CD player. (I am so gay that I still own the 12" single for "Honeymoon Express")

But have either of them ever officially come out? Should you be able to claim credit for inventing "lesbian chic" and pre-creating The L Word without being an out lesbian? Isn’t it kind of like Al Gore claiming to have "invented the internet" without ever actually owning a computer? (OK, he didn’t really say that, but that’s a different story altogether.)

I suppose that these are all minor concerns, when the bigger mystery is why the L.A. Times didn’t print this juicy part of the interview. The Wendy and Lisa and "lesbian chic" question is the veritable "fruit at the bottom." Wouldn’t you agree?

by Karman Kregloe

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