Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 29, 2008)


Despite having recorded music for almost a decade, lesbian musician Jennifer O’Connor has just released her first music video ever. The song, “Always in Your Mind,” is an ode to her girlfriend (who is also featured in the video, as well as on the cover of Jen’s new album, Here With Me). If there were ever a realistic depiction of some lesbian relationships in a video, it can be found in this one.

A couple that seems to be dangerously heading into LBD (Lesbian Bed Death) territory, the video’s story line revolves around Jennifer attempting to reconnect with her girlfriend.

Her clever ruse involves some re-gifting of a ring, which I’m not too sure would work with my girlfriend – although maybe it could if accompanied by a cute song I wrote for her. Good plan, Jennifer.

Why is it so difficult for men to wrap their heads around two women actually enjoying one another’s company in bed without any male genitalia involved? One male really needs to understand how and why, so he wrote into (where else?) Esquire, asking: In lesbian relationships, is one partner typically dominant in bed?

Not surprisingly, the writer did not know the answer, so the mag consulted Claire Cavanah of Babeland (the sex toy shop) and Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book.

We’re so complicated, which is exactly what Cavanah’s response was: “Things are complicated with lesbians.” Newman took the traditional approach: “Many of them are butches who are attracted to femmes, But some are butches who are attracted to butches. Some are femmes who are attracted to femmes. And it’s not always the butches on top.”

So in short, Mr. Esquire reader: Maybe, it depends on who bought dinner that night.

— by Trish Bendix

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