Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 29, 2008)

Before the second season of Shear Genius began airing on Bravo, out stylist Dee Adames hinted to AfterEllen that she “did well” on the show, and that she “represented Miami and our community.”

Turns out “did well” actually means “did better than everyone else,” because on Wednesday night’s finale, Dee was crowned Shear Genius.

(In layman’s terms, that means she won $100,000 and got some great exposure.)

The final challenge of the Shear Genius season was to tell a woman’s life story through various hairstyles. The contestants had three hours to cut, color and style the hair of four clients at varying ages of life. Dee chose redheads, and told the story of a rockstar who never lost her edge: her grandchildren were not allowed to call her “grandma”; they called her “Mama red.”

Dee’s reality TV arch nemesis throughout the show was Charlie, and though his individual winning styles were plastered all over the Allure wall of fame, Dee edged him out in the finale.

“This is for my mom!” Dee shouted, as she jumped up and down after being announced winner. “She always believed in me!”

In addition to the cash prize, Dee won an apprenticeship at a Nexus salon and the chance to style hair for an Allure magazine photo shoot. She also won a huge hug from host Jaclyn Smith.

In her preseason interview with Dee, Dara Nai asked what Dee would say to lesbians who are still sporting the mullet.

Dee answered: “You know, the mullet has transcended into the ‘fullet’ — if you have a mullet, make it a lot more fashionable. You’ve got to blend in that back into the sides. So, let’s stray away from the mullet and get into the fullet, which is a fashionable mullet.”

If you’re interested in the “fullet,” you can call up Dee at Peter of London Salon and Spa in Miami. Although I’m pretty sure after Wednesday night’s victory, her asking price will have doubled.

Australia’s long-running soap Neighbours has just introduced a bisexual character to the fray, er, I mean, street.

Well, the character is not new, exactly. It’s just that last week in a conversation about first-time sexual experiences, she sort of mentioned that she is bisexual.

Bridget: Well, when did you first….

With a guy or a girl?

[looks uncomfortable]

Donna: Don’t worry; you’re hot, but you’re not my type.

[looks relieved]

In 2004, Neighbours aired a lesbian storyline between teen characters Lana Crawford and Sky Mangel that caused all sorts of hullabaloo. Angry, conservative viewers fired off letters to their local newspapers and to the television station, demanding that the storyline be pulled immediately. It wasn’t, and good thing too, because many AfterEllen readers have written about the profound effect that story had on them in their teens.

No word yet on whether the newish character of Donna will form a relationship with another girl. Margot Roberts, who plays Donna, has recently been added to the credits, though, which suggests she’ll be around for a while. The other good news is that Donna started out as a bit of a stalker, but that storyline has been dropped in favor of something more normal — namely bisexuality. I call that progress!

As it airs in the 6:30 p.m. timeslot, Neighbours is a little limited on what they can show sexually. But not to worry, it looks like they’ve taken a page out of South of Nowhere‘s play book:

Because nothing says “we’re two girls who like to kiss” like playing with each other’s hair.

— by StuntDouble

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