Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 24, 2007)

This week rapper Eve, who has a new album coming out next month, is on the cover of HX, aka Homo Extra, which describes itself as "the Totally Biased, Politically Incorrect Party Paper, the hottest guide to gay nightlife and culture in New York City!" Um, OK then.

In the interview, Eve reveals: "I’ve had people tell me straight up and down that I was gay — I still get it from people. I get more accusations than I actually do get hit on now."

She continues: "Gay women are way more aggressive than men — I will definitely say that. [Laughs] But it doesn’t bother me." Uh, where are these overly aggressive lesbians? I’m curious, since they’re a rare breed.

Anyway, the point is, like any good gay rag, HX asked Eve which ladies she’d switch teams for. Her answer: "My girl crush is Angelina Jolie. That’s an everybody girl-crush — that’s my dog’s crush! [Laughs] There is one more person: Dita Von Teese. I’m obsessed with her! I want a Dita Von Teese doll and I’ll be happy. She’s just bananas!"

Here’s Dita, who was recently featured on IFC’s documentary series Indie Sex:

If they do make a Dita Von Teese doll, can it get a cameo on We’re Getting Nowhere, our new South of Nowhere video blog? I’ll bet she’d put the antics of those other dolls to shame.

By now you’ve probably noticed the video blogs we’ve been launching on
Last month, it was She Made Me Watch This,
with Sarah and Lori reviewing the latest movies and TV shows. Then earlier this
month, Karman, Dara and Jill Bennett started vlogging the latest South of
episodes on We’re Getting Nowhere,
and next month, we’re debuting a weekly video blog about women of color in entertainment,
hosted by me and a friend of mine. (We can’t compete with Jill’s cleavage, but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves! No, not those kinds of tricks.)

Now we’re looking for a few more good video bloggers — women who want
to vlog on a weekly basis about something entertainment or pop-culture related,
from a lesbian/bi perspective (note: it does not need to be about American entertainment/pop culture, but it does need to be in English). It’s more work than it seems, so you’ll need
to send us a few episodes to show that you know what you’re getting into.
And you’ll have to be doing it primarily for the fame and glory, since we can’t
pay much — but on the plus side, you’ll have lots of cute lesbians leaving
you comments on a regular basis!

If you’re interested, create at least three 5 to 20-minute vlog episodes, upload
them to one of the many free video services online (i.e.,,,
, etc.) and send us the links at
with "Video blog submission: (your name)" in the subject line. (Do not send us the actual video blogs!)

you’re already doing a weekly vlog and just want us to feature it on the
site, that’s fine too (send us the links), as long as it’s related to entertainment or pop culture.
And doesn’t involve dolls making out — we’ve already got that covered,
thanks to Karman. (So that’s what those "special projects" are!)

British website has launched a "Wall of Kisses," to which you can submit photos of yourself smooching your girl.

A new play from Latina writer Odalys Nanin, Skin of Honey, will open on Sept. 15 at the Macha Theatre in Los Angeles. The play tells the tale of two lesbian teenagers torn apart by the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion
into Cuba, who are reunited again after 20 years apart. reader Hollywood Maria let us know that out lesbian contestant Whip-Snap was eliminated on the Sci Fi Channel’s Who Wants to be a Superhero last night. But at least we still have…

Out lesbian contestant Chantal Carrere, who survived another week on ABC’s Fat March; tune in Monday night at 9 p.m. to see how many more miles she logs on her way to Washington, D.C.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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