Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 24, 2007)

Speaking of MTV, the Aug. 13th episode of their documentary series Engaged and Underage — which focuses on the wedding plans of a different naive optimistic young couple each week — featured the wedding of two young women, Cassie and Emmelie.

Watch the intro below (then go to to watch the full episode online):

All I can say is, talk to me when you’re 30 and have broken up and gotten back together three times before finally splitting up for good to begin dating your yoga instructor and best friend’s ex-girlfriend while continuing to share custody of the dog and debating whether to appear together on MTV’s latest reality show, Enraged and Overage.

Uh, I mean, best wishes, you two!

Best-selling novelist (and out lesbian) Val McDermid (Wire in the Blood) has a new book out, Beneath the Bleeding, but the U.K. has recently been abuzz over renewed attention to comments Ian Rankin made last year about lesbians being violent. (To make a long story short, he made ill-advised remarks about how he thinks most violent crime fiction is written by lesbians, among them McDermid.)

Last week at the Edinburgh International book Festival, McDermid and fellow crime writer Denise Mina spoke about the subject, with McDermid characterizing Rankin’s 2006 comments as "arrant rubbish." The media quickly picked up on the story, with a Times headline reading, "Revenge of the bloodthirsty lesbians."

In an interview with the Guardian shortly afterward, McDermid said of the media spin: "It’s preposterous nonsense. It makes me sound as if I’m some kind of ghastly bloodsucking demon, who shouldn’t be allowed near small children. It doesn’t help when the media uses such headlines, making me appear as if I have my meat cleaver ready to chop Rankin’s gonads off."

She continued: “It couldn’t be further from the truth. I take my cooking seriously.”

Me too. Don’t anybody get between me and my Wüsthof precision-forged carbon steel Culinar chef’s knife!

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