Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 24, 2007)


Remember 24-year-old Brooke LaBarbera from The Real
World: Denver
(2006)? Me neither — I gave up watching that show about six
seasons back — but apparently Brooke was a heterosexual girl from Nashville,
Tenn., who flirted heavily with her gay male housemate and had a penchant for verbal
sparring. Later that year, 18-year-old out lesbian/bisexual contestant Evelyn
"Ev" Smith
competed on the 12th season of the Real World/Road
challenge, Fresh Meat, and was eliminated too quickly
for anyone to get to know her very well.

Here’s a look at the official cast photos of our lovely contestants (that’s
Brooke on the left, Ev on the right):

Fast-forward a year, and Good
As You
tipped us off that Brooke has now come out as bisexual, according to
her MySpace
, and she and Ev are apparently dating. (Seriously, someone should give MySpace a toaster oven!) On her profile, Brooke describes
the person she’d most like to meet as "anyone that could possibly compare
to the sexiness of this fine specimen shown right here. Oh wait, that’s not
possible …" accompanied by a photo of Ev. Her profile prominently features several
other photos of them together, like this one:

Ev’s MySpace profile,
though set to be viewed only by friends, uses this as her default profile photo:

Between these two, the bi housemate currently
on The Real World: Sydney, all the past lesbian, bi and gay cast members,
and Coral
finally coming out
, they could make the next season of the Real World/Road
challenge entirely queer: lesbian/bi women vs. gay/bi men, gays and
lesbians vs. bisexuals, or even LGBTs versus bi-curious women. Wait, scratch
that last one — there would be far too many people on the bi-curious team
for a fair fight, especially if alcohol was supplied.

Here’s a funny Talk Soup segment featuring Brooke in a starring role
commenting on the kind of women The Real World likes to cast,
and how they tend to be portrayed:

Oh to be young, drunk, and screaming at people on national television.

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