Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 22, 2008)


I know this might be hard to believe, but some some scandalous girl-on-girl kissing took place this week on a popular reality show.

On the U.K.’s Big Brother 9, straight couple Rex Newmark and Nicole Cammack spontaneously decided to share their love with bisexual castmate Sara Folino. According to the Daily Mail, it all started (as it often does) with a late-night conversation over a bottle of champagne.

Rex, Nicole, Sara and castmate Mohamed Mohamed were sitting in the garden area of the Big Brother abode, pondering the mysteries of life over some bubbly. Then, just like those annoying people who nominate others for student council or homeowners’ board positions, Rex suggested that Sara kiss Mohamed. Sara protested, "I’m not gonna kiss some random guy."

Mohamed countered: "I’m not a random guy. You’ve known me for four weeks!"

Four whole weeks indeed! As anyone can tell you, romantic liaisons should always be determined by the length of time two people have known each other rather than any sort of genuine physical attraction.

That’s when spunky Nicole perked up and said, "Kiss me." Sara, clearly not practicing the power of positive thinking, replied, "No, Rex won’t let me." But the chivalrous and committed Rex retorted, "I don’t care." Mohamed seemed to think he was speaking for both himself and Rex when he added, "We want to see some action."

Here’s the action they got:

Sara and Nicole

Mohamed and Rex look on

After their make-out session, Sara told Nicole: "Oh my God, you’re such a good kisser … I was just getting warmed up. Should I be worried?"

Um, no, Rex should be worried. He laughed when Sara and Nicole kissed, but when he realized that Nicole actually liked the kiss, he could only mutter, "Nicole enjoyed that kiss a little too much."

Luckily for Rex, order was somewhat restored when Sara was goaded into kissing that "random guy," Mohamed. But, unlike Nicole, he had to settle for a peck on the cheek.

Mohamed and Sara

Rex said of the Mohamed and Sara kiss, "That was rubbish."

In contrast, Sara said of her kiss with Nicole: "I could have gone on for a while longer. Nicole’s a good kisser. We had a bit of tongue action going on."

Is there a chance that the Sara-Nicole kiss might open the door for a more meaningful exploration of Sara’s bisexuality and a positive representation of an out queer woman on TV? Let’s consult her Big Brother bio for more information:

Sara is a single, Australian party girl who’s hoping there’s a hunk lying in wait for her in the House. She loves going out and drinking, but is a bit of a lightweight. She once won an award at work for being the loudest person in her office. Sara has never been in love or even had a serious relationship, so is getting anxious about finding ‘the one’. She likes boys that look like they’re in a band, and big muscles aren’t her thing. People often tell her she looks like Angelina Jolie and she uses those looks to get what she wants. She’s loud, brash and flirty, but says she wouldn’t have sex in the House as it wouldn’t be ‘dignified’.

Sara had a rural upbringing in Melbourne and moved to London five years ago. She used to work in a bank, but landed a job at MTV which is much more up her street. She thinks smoking should be allowed in public and that rapists should all be jailed for life. But she’s not really into politics and is unsure who the current Prime Minister is. She is grumpy in the morning and needs at least eight or nine hours sleep. She never cleans.

Oh, never mind.

by Karman Kregloe

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