Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 17, 2007)


Out actress Kristanna Loken will have to start
looking for another gig now that Sci Fi is wrapping up its first 22-episode
season of Painkiller Jane
and declined to order another one. While no reason was given for the cancellation,
the low ratings probably had something to do with it. Jimmy Palmiotti, the co-creator
of the comic series on which the show is based, gave The
Comics Continuum
his take on it why the show failed to connect with audiences:

My biggest gripe was the fact that there was not enough action and the show
was obsessed with a Neuro theme and never delineated from it to build up the
characters more. The Jane character is an against-all-odds, bigger-than-life
character and not a big team-player type and the format they agreed on was
not loyal to the book. The show was more about a group and not the single
character and when you have the people running the show proudly saying the
show is nothing like the comic, you start to question why they bought the
property in the first place. For me, there were good things and bad, but in
the end, it wasn’t the comic book, like the TV movie before it, it was an
alternate universe version of the character that I thought was an interesting

I think he’s right on the money about what was wrong with the show. I wanted
to know more about Jane, but they kept trying to make it an ensemble drama. (Would
they have done that if it was Painkiller Joe?) I didn’t like any of
the other characters, and its neuro-of-the-week formula was just plain boring.
Other than that, I loved it.

I haven’t read the comic version yet, but it doesn’t look boring:

Another incentive to read the comic? Jane is bisexual! (Naturally, this facet
of her character was left on the cutting room floor at the Sci Fi Channel,
because who wants to watch a hot bisexual woman in an action role? I mean, besides

Back to the show … as annoying as it was, it’s too bad the show failed, since
Kristanna was the only openly lesbian/bi actress starring in her own TV series,
and that occurs about as often as a solar eclipse. Plus, Kristanna is one of
the few actresses who can convincingly pull off both this look:

and this one …

(Wow, that is one girlie sofa!)

We’ll let you know when we find out what Kristanna’s doing next.

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