Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 17, 2007)


The latest issue of More magazine features a lengthy interview with
Jodie Foster, who also graces their cover:

Most of the interview is about Jodie’s career and her new movie The
Brave One
(opening Sept. 14), which I’m definitely planning to
see based on the poster alone (and because, well, it’s Jodie). But the interviewer does slip in a few personal questions, like these:

Let’s talk about your ring.
This one? [Proffers left hand] It’s Tiffany, an eternity ring.
You’re wearing it on your wedding ring finger.
I am. I’ve always worn a ring. Even taking photos. Even on magazine covers.
I don’t take it off.
Don’t you think wearing a ring like that raises questions?
Well, but that’s my life. … My life is my life. I’m not going to change my
life for anybody. I just don’t talk about my dad, my health, who I voted for
or what I think of the death penalty because that would be trivializing my
life, selling it for a magazine. I don’t have any problems with anybody reporting
on my life. It’s just that I’m not going to bring my family into that. The
number-one reason for that is: Why would I invite — encourage —
more people to sit outside my door and wait for my children to go to school?
I don’t have any desire to participate in it.

And this one:

When I interviewed you in 1994, you scoffed at the idea of cosmetic
surgery. Now, as the crow’s feet start to appear, have you adjusted your stance?

Nah. It’s not my thing. I don’t have anything against it for other people.
Whatever they want to do, I’m fine with it. For me, it’s really a self-image
thing. Like, I’d rather have somebody go, "Wow, that girl has a big nose"
than "Wow, that girl has a bad nose job." I’d rather have a comment
about who I am than about something that identifies me as being ashamed of
who I am.

Never mind Jodie’s "eternity ring" — where do I get her decoder ring?
She wears a wedding ring, but she won’t acknowledge she’s married. Her kids
share her partner’s last
, but she won’t admit she even has a partner. She won’t get
plastic surgery because she’s not ashamed of who she is, but she won’t tell
anyone who she really is, either. I give up.

Listen, I respect your right to privacy, Jodie, and I don’t think you need
to skywrite "I’m gay" to be considered (somewhat) out, but enough
with the double talk already! All this reading between the lines is giving me
a headache. No it’s not. Yes it is. No, it’s not …

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