Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 15, 2008)


This week there was news of not one, not two, but three new television programs with lesbian/bi characters from around the world.

Let’s start our world tour of lesbian television with the new reality series Model Latina from Sí TV, an English-language channel for Latinos apparently only available on the Dish Network.

In the spirit of America’s Next Top Model, 10 contestants live together, learn the ropes of modeling from industry experts, and compete in challenges to "prove they are the complete package of beauty, culture, style and smarts." The last model standing wins a contract with Q Management, a "chance to grace the pages of Latina magazine," clothes from the Anna Fong Collection, $10,000 and "other amazing prizes."

When I was a kid, "amazing prizes" on television shows usually meant a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni (it’s the San Francisco Treat) or Metamucil, so let’s hope they’ve upgraded to something more exciting — and perhaps less edible — since then.

The show premiered on July 27, and a lesbian has already emerged from the ranks. Miami’s Sasha Cabrera is model-in-the-making who has made a point of letting viewers know exactly who she is.

Her bio states in part:

I live in Miami,FL AKA Da 305, where the weather is hot and so are the chicks and everyone else!! I love music it’s one of my deep passions, I absolutely LOVE the runway but I’m not tall enough (boo-hoo) and I love girls. heh. I’m a very honest and blunt person, I don’t care if you find me offensive, it’s my opinion and it’s how I see things. People either love me or hate me when they meet me, but either way I find it to be an obsession. Did I mention I love girls? I’m not fake, I’m very real so take me as I am. I never forget where I came from, the people I meet and have become close friends with are all important people in my life that have made me the person I am today. I love you all! Girl Power!

In case you didn’t pick up on the "girls" and "chicks" hints in her bio, in the "Stuff I’m Obsessed With Section," Sasha lists "Butterflies, Orange, Julia Roberts, rainbows, music, the sun and girls."

See a sample of Sasha’s magic in this video:

Find out more about Sasha on her official Model Latina bio and on her MySpace profile — which has lots of photos, including this one of her with her girlfriend Lou:

I’m absolutely rooting for the gorgeous and (hopefully) talented Ms. Cabrera. And since Tyra isn’t here to do it, I will ask Sasha the most important question one can ask an aspiring model: ¿Quieres estar en la cima?

Next up: Hong Kong and Ireland

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