Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Aug. 3, 2007)


Earlier this week we asked you all to send in your questions for Amber Benson before her interview with

So many questions were submitted that she most likely won’t be able to answer them all, but here are a few that I particularly enjoyed (the reader who asked the question is in parentheses):

Making out with Alyson Hannigan awesome, no? (WILD_CHILDx087)

Amber, Why are you so awesome? (Omega II)

If you got sucked into Harry Potter-land and zapped into a 1st year student at Hogwarts, what house do you think you’d get sorted into? (sliced bread)

I am currently enjoying a warm blueberry muffin, and I’d like to share it with the lovely Amber Benson. Would she prefer the muffin stump or the muffin top? (Rachel)

Uh, y’all put journalists to shame! Thanks for contributing, everyone.

Next Thursday, Aug. 9, at 9:00 p.m. ET, Logo (our parent company) and the Human Rights Campaign will present The Visible Vote ’08: A Presidential Forum. This two-hour forum (which you’ll also be able to watch live online) will bring together Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson, who will take questions from a panel comprised of journalists Jonathan Capeheart and Margaret Carlson, HRC president Joe Solomonese and musician/activist Melissa Etheridge.

The hilarious Jane Lynch has even gotten herself involved:

To get things started, has just launched, and you can go there to submit questions for the candidates, as well as read blogs from celebrity bloggers who will be contributing their thoughts over the next few weeks. Among the celebs who have signed up to expound about politics are Kate Clinton, the Indigo Girls and Julie Goldman.

One of the first blogs is coming from tennis legend Billie Jean King, whose blog post will go live around 10 a.m. ET. She wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter for many LGBT voters: "We need to figure out a way to make sure gay and lesbian couples have access to the over 1,000 rights that married couples currently have at the federal level," she writes. King also endorses Hillary Clinton for president, arguing, "She has fought for policies that promote equality, while taking a strong stand against forces that have tried to marginalize the LGBT community."

If that doesn’t convince you to vote for Hillary, don’t forget about "Hott4Hill"!

Yesterday the AP reported that Ellen DeGeneres will be a guest star on the 38th season of Sesame Street, which premieres Aug. 13 on PBS. Apparently Ellen will be doing a little "ballet" on the iconic children’s show. Will she be dancing with Snuffalupagus? Now that’s something I’d want to see.

Somehow we missed this when it was announced earlier this month, but thankfully we’re not too late to make a difference! South of Nowhere has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Best Breakout Show, so go here to vote for Spashley (or for Maeve Quinlan). The results will be broadcast Sunday, Aug. 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

At Comic-Con last weekend, the Great Joss Whedon announced a number of nonlesbian things that you can read about here, but he also revealed that he is already planning a Season 9 for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book series. Woo!

Earlier this month, we reported that NBC was trying to lure Rosie O’Donnell to the upcoming season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, which has a celebrity theme this time around. Yeah, we thought that was a joke too, but apparently The Donald recently offered Rosie $2 million to appear on his show. According to, Rosie roundly rejected his offer, answering, “I wouldn’t do it for $200 million.” That’s just about the most sensible thing she’s said in ages.

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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