Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Aug. 3, 2007)

Comic-Con’s Battlestar Galactica panel last weekend revealed a few tasty tidbits about my favorite interstellar drama — in particular, Lucy Lawless is set to return to the series for two or three episodes, reprising her role as quasi-bisexual (or, perhaps, the sexually unlimited) cylon D’Anna Biers. Here’s a shot of her looking pensive after a night with Number Six and Gaius Baltar (My guess is that she’s wondering, "How can I get rid of Baltar next time?"):

Last season, her character was "boxed" (that is, deactivated and her memories downloaded into storage rather than allowed to be resurrected into another body) because she broke ranks from the other cylons and went off on her own quest (of sorts). However, as the return of Starbuck demonstrated, nobody’s really dead on BSG! Apparently D’Anna will be unboxed around the middle of the season by those who want to know what she knows. Executive producer Ron Moore said, "It’s a pivot point for the season."

Sadly, the Comic-Con panel did not give any info on Starbuck’s secret life as a lesbian.

Monday night at 9:00, ABC premieres its latest reality series, Fat March, in which 12 contestants from around the country go on a forced 570-mile march from Boston to Washington, D.C., hoping to lose weight while they compete for a prize pool of $1.2 million. The twist this time is that the more people who finish the journey, the more money each person wins.

And yep, you guessed it: It includes a lesbian contestant. Chantal Carrere, a 35-year-old lesbian who lives in Boston with her girlfriend, is a comedian and a student — and I bet this Fat March experience is gonna give her tons of material for her stand-up. Here’s a pic of Chantal:

Photo credit: ABC Photo

According to the show’s press release, apparently none of the contestants knew they were going to be doing this when they signed up for the show; they all thought they’d be living in a mansion during their weight loss experience. What do you think it was like when they all discovered they’d be walking themselves to D.C. and camping along the way? I’m betting they didn’t erupt into cheers and run to put on their leg warmers.

Come to think of it, a lot of reality shows seem to be doing this bait-and-switch thing. Thought you were gonna be finding a rich husband? Nope, he’s an ordinary non-rich guy (Average Joe). Thought you’d be finding your hot gay boyfriend? Sorry, some of them are straight (Boy Meets Boy). Thought you’d be learning how to become a high-fashion model? Actually, you’ve just joined a lesbian recruiting reality show (America’s Next Top Model).

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