Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Aug. 1, 2008)


Or at least I will, if writer-director-producer Linda Andersson has anything to say about it. Andersson recently completed the pilot episode of an original lesbian cop series called The Seer and is now working on finding it a home.

Of course this brings up an important question: Is that your holster, or are you just glad to "see" me?

According to the show’s website, the premise goes like this:

As a child, Guin Marcus [played by Deborah Stewart] was forced by her mother to suppress her "Seer" powers, knowing how difficult that life path can be. When Guin picks up on energy left behind by others, she often receives disturbing and telling visions. Later in adulthood, Guin realizes her "Seer" powers were given to her to help others, so she joins the police force. 

Guin kept her unconventional powers a secret until she partnered with April Reese [played by Michelle Tomlinson] who became more than a confidant. Though April was in a committed relationship, an affair between the two women began. When April’s long term girlfriend learns she has only six months to live, April breaks up with Guin without telling her why. Devastated, Guin quits the police force.

I guess Guin’s dubious powers didn’t "see" that coming. Meanwhile, leave it to a lesbian to chuck an entire career over a bad break-up.

Deborah Stewart as Guin Marcus

Michelle Tomlinson as April Reese

My source (and by "source," I mean Stacie Ponder) has seen the pilot and reports that the episode begins two years after Guin and April’s breakup. Their stars cross once again while they each track a serial killer, Guin as a private investigator, and April as a police detective. Sparks and bullets fly, I suppose.

Watch the trailer for The Seer:

How is it I’m just finding out about the hotness that is Michelle Tomlinson, winner of the 2007 Pretty/Scary Award for her role as a woman held in a cage in the horror film, The Cellar Door? Pretty and scary? My kinda woman.

With no new news on Elizabeth Keener’s proposed lesbian crime show for here! Network, maybe The Seer will hit the air first. And we’ll get to enjoy a lot more of Michelle, Deborah and clairvoyant lesbians with guns.

To read more about the film and cast, visit The Seer’ s MySpace page, Deborah Stewart’s website and Michelle Tomlinson’s MySpace page .

by Dara Nai

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