Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 6, 2007)


At Dinah I met the creator and cast of Don’t
, an indie series in the making about the lives and loves of a
group of queer women living in the same apartment building in Los Angeles. The hook
is that the cast is comprised almost entirely of women of color, including hip-hop artist Melange Lavonne, Skyler Cooper (Butch
), Janora McDuffie (The Message) and Nisha Ganatra
(Chutney Popcorn). Guinevere Turner (The
L Word
) and Yaniv Moyal round out the cast. The series is still in
production and doesn’t have a home yet, but I’ll keep you updated on its progress.

Here’s the official cast photo:

And here’s me with Skyler, Janora and Melange at Dinah:

Writer-director Amber Sharp describes the show as "Melrose Place meets The L Word meets 227." I hope that means they got
Regina King to sit on the front steps of the building and make snarky comments. That
would be excellent.

Attention all you LGBT budding filmmakers, writers and actors: There’s a cool conference coming up in Los Angeles next weekend called Q-Me Con (short for Queer Media and Entertainment Conference) and described as "the only multi-day conference designed specifically for industry professionals working in, or looking
to break into, LGBTQ content creation for the burgeoning queer TV, music, film and new digital media arenas." In other words: networking, networking, networking! And some learnin’. If I wasn’t still roadkill from Dinah, I’d so be there!

The panels — which feature successful directors, producers, network execs and other content creators — cover topics such as "Celluloid Sisters: Why Queer Women Need to Make More Movies" (amen, sister!); "Queer Women, Sex and the Media"; and "From Comic Books to Pitching Scripts: Insider Tips on Creating and Selling Queer Written Work."

Panels that did not make the cut reportedly include "Writing Lesbians for Network TV: A Guide to Crime Scenes and Pregnancy Kits" and "Slutty Bisexual Characters 101."

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