Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 4, 2008)


As the LGBT film festival season draws near in the U.S., more and more "foreign films" will be sliding into cinemas in the next few months. We’ve just gotten word that Shamim Sarif‘s The World Unseen has already been scheduled to screen at several film festivals so far, including Phoenix this week, Atlanta, Miami Gay & Lesbian, Boston Gay & Lesbian and Inside Out in Toronto.

In addition, Water Lilies, a French film about three 15-year-old girls, opens in New York on April 4, and will also be coming to some LGBT film festivals near you, including Boston. Here’s a trailer for Water Lilies:

Look for a review of Water Lilies on in the near future.

AE blogger thelinster alerted me to lol-word, a site that combines Lolcats with The L Word.

Some of you may be going, "Huh?!" I had kinda the same reaction when I first went to the site, because I didn’t quite understand Lolcats. Thankfully, there’s Wikipedia. Apparently a Lolcat is an image of a cat combined with a humorous caption in broken English known as "kitty pidgin." A Lolword is a photo from The L Word combined with the humorous, poorly written caption. Here’s an example:

When I understood what a Lolcat/Lolword was supposed to be like, it totally cracked me up. However, I still have a nagging feeling that I should not be endorsing anything involving bad grammar or improperly spelled words — especially when they’re misspelled and badly structured on purpose. My ninth-grade English teacher is shuddering right now!

But how can you resist this?

I think I’m too busy LMAO to be offended by the grammar. LOL.

After flying largely under the radar and not forming any women’s alliances, Ami Cusack was voted off the island on last night’s Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. See you at the reunion!

Jodie Foster‘s latest movie, the family-friendly Nim’s Island, opens this weekend.

Daily Motion has launched a Gay & Lesbian channel that includes many of our vlogs and videos.

The Oscar-winning short documentary Freeheld will air on June 4 on Cinemax.

Project Outpost, a queer version of Post Secret, is now accepting submissions; more info can be found in this forum topic.

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an article about female wrestlers, including lesbian ones (thanks Mollykins!).

More information has been released about why Lily Tomlin’s 12 Miles of Bad Road was dropped by HBO; the good news is that it apparently wasn’t due to Tomlin.

Kate and Julie’s Big Gay Vlog will be postponed until next week due to technical problems.

Most of the crew is at Dinah Shore in Palm Springs this weekend; for more info on the AE festivities, go here. In one last-minute addition, Jackie Jones and Liz Feldman will be performing stand-up at the AfterNoon. Meanwhile, I will be holding down the fort in San Francisco, far from the madding crowd. Cheers!

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at . Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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