Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 4, 2008)


British teen drama Skins flirted with lesbianism last week when Cassie (Hannah Murray) slept with another girl. In the episode, "Effy," Cassie was angry that her boyfriend, Sid, had slept with another girl, which prompted her to go into a "slut spiral." Her conquests included guys and a girl. You can watch a clip of their kiss here (warning: mature language), or check out these blurry screencaps I made:

Cassie (on the right) kissing the girl

By the end of the episode, Cassie goes back to her boyfriend. So although it’s "not massively exciting for lesbian and bisexual viewers" (as blogger browne put it), the show has been inclusive of homosexuality from the get-go and has one openly gay male character, Maxxie.

I think it’s a toss-up. It’s always great when a show includes gay characters and gay sex in a matter-of-fact-way. But I am a little tired of story lines about girls experimenting with other girls, only to go back to their boyfriends. Not that it’s entirely unrealistic; it’s just annoying. Can’t a girl experiment with a guy and then go back to her girlfriend for once? I hope so.

A recent issue of San Diego’s monthly lesbian magazine, Lavender Lens, featured an interview with Dani Campbell in which she explained that she’s been talking with MTV about developing her own series.

The issue is no longer online, but here are the important parts of the interview (thanks to cmeddc for the tip!):

LL: So now that you are off the show and everything is done do you have any plans for a spin
off or anything?

DC: We’re in talks. I’m in contact with MTV/Viacom and their production company. And they
want to do a show with me. So it’s in the talks right now we are in negotiation so hopefully
we will be seeing something by the end of this year or starting at the beginning of next year.

LL: Wonderful. Is there any chance that you will be moving to the LA area to pursue that career?
DC: No, I won’t be moving. It’s just one season that they want to do. Then if it were to be
successful then that would be another negotiating thing. You know I do have a career and I
don’t want to jeopardize what I have worked for just for fifteen minutes of fame. I’ll do the
show and take some time off and then if it was successful and they wanted to do a couple
more seasons then it would have to be worth it.

Well, I just hope there are no Vanessa-types involved. Foam would be OK, though.

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