Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 27, 2007)


An reader (thanks Bernard!) tipped me off that "two lesbian superheroines of Marvel Comics will be the lead characters in their own mini-series this summer. It’s part of the sci-fi stories called ‘Annihilation: Conquest,’ to be released this summer. An alien superheroine, named Phyla Mar-vell, will take up the mantle of the late superhero, Quasar. She’s joined by her girlfriend, Moondragon, an Earthling superheroine with psychic powers. Their comic will be called ‘Annihilation: Conquest, Quasar.’"

The comic series kicks off in June with a prologue; here’s a sneak preview of the superhero and her girlfriend:

Speaking of lesbian superheroes, I blogged Wednesday about a cool online tool that lets you create your own superhero, with the ability to customize details down to her necklace, boot laces and animal sidekick. I invited you all to post your own creations, and did you ever! (102 comments and counting!) Here are a few of my favorites — the first from blackheart and han, respectively:

Here’s two more, from Katty and Becky C:

Fael "uses Flora and Fauna in her battle against evil forces," and Liberty Dyke has a tongue that is "feared by the forces of stupidity and meanness, and beloved of grrls everywhere." Hee. See more of your creations here.

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