Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 25, 2008)


We’ve just learned the here! has wrapped production on an action film called Fall of Hyperion that features an African-American woman as the president of the United States, played by openly lesbian actor J. Karen Thomas.

If you’re not familiar with Thomas, she’s had a slew of roles in a several lesbian-themed films including Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Promtroversy and Sarang Song, and had guest roles on TV shows from Melrose Place to Crossing Jordan. She was also featured in a documentary called Who Killed the Electric Car? which screened at Sundance in 2006, where she posed for the photo below:

Photo credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

I’ve just realized that here! has hit upon the best possible solution for the mess that the Democrats have gotten themselves into this year. They need to somehow combine Obama and Clinton and nominate an African-American woman as the Democratic candidate!

Oh, did Oprah already turn them down? Darn.

Lesbian icon k.d. lang has been in Australia and New Zealand lately, touring and promoting her most recent album, Watershed, that is now sitting at No. 1 on the Australian charts — her first No. 1 album anywhere in the world.

lang performing on April 19 in Perth, Australia

Photo credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images

She recently spoke with the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand about her album and about how her approach to songwriting has changed since ending her relationship with Leisha Hailey in 2000:

I was once renowned for having turbulent relationships, and if I’m honest, part of the reason was that I thought the break-ups were good for my song writing. But then I realised that it was a really cheap way out. Breaking free of those habitual patterns was actually more interesting, more productive, more civil and less self-destructive. My current relationship’s almost seven years old, and that relationship is a big part of the record, but the record is also about my relationship to myself and to the world.

In a lighter interview, lang also appeared on Australian talk show Rove this week, where host Rove McManus asked his standard question, who his guest would turn gay or straight for; lang said it would be Rove himself. Watch the entire nine-minute interview here (thanks Aj!).

In other k.d. lang news, the University of Alberta will be recognizing lang with an honorary doctorate of laws degree on June 11 (thanks Lisa!). Congratulations on your No. 1, doctor lang!

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