Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 20, 2007)


Lindsay Lohan’s having a bad week — although I’m not sure she ever has any good ones anymore. A contract dispute has caused her to pull out of the upcoming film The Best Time of Our Lives, in which her character had a "lesbian undertone" with Keira Knightley’s character. Last Friday, Lohan’s former publicist wrote on his blog that Lindsay is romantically involved with a DJ friend of hers named Samantha Ronson (pictured with Lindsay). And this week, Lohan’s MySpace, Blackberry and cell phone accounts were hacked and her personal messages and photos subsequently posted online.

I don’t understand why someone would hack into other people’s personal accounts in general, but I especially don’t get why you would attack someone like Lohan, who clearly needs a personal (and professional) intervention. It’s like making fun of Britney Spears — way too easy, and cruel, to be very much fun.

But back to her supposed lesbian relationship: If Lindsay’s gay, so is Paris Hilton. Lindsay could be bisexual, of course, but I really, really hope she isn’t — bisexual women have enough PR problems already without Lindsay becoming the new bisexual poster girl.

In this week’s "Personality Parade" column in Parade magazine, which is distributed with most major newspapers in the United States, Walter Scott answered a reader’s question about who fathered Jodie Foster’s children by writing: "Jodie, 45, has never identified the father (or fathers) of Charles, 8, and Kit, 5. She is equally tight-lipped about her significant other, despite persistent reports that she enjoys a domestic partnership with Cydney Bernard, 54, a production manager she met in 1993 on the set of Sommersby." Making the Out list is one thing, but even mainstream newspapers are reporting on the "persistent reports" now? You never would have seen that happen five years ago. Gays and lesbians are divided on whether this trend is a good thing or not, as a new article in The Washington Blade examines.

Speaking of Jodie, if you haven’t seen the newly unearthed videos of a young Jodie Foster singing in French while wearing a white tuxedo, you must! Here’s a screencap from it:

The beret is a nice touch, too. I mean, it’s no lesbian bandanna, but it’ll do.

Our latest episode of She Said What? is up now, and this one features Karman, Malinda, Dara and I as co-hosts (Scribe Grrrl couldn’t make it to Dinah), sharing a few of our memorable interviews and chatting with guests Nancylee Myatt and Maeve Quinlan of South of Nowhere. This episode will answer all-important questions like "Has Maeve kissed a woman off-screen?"; "Why did the Nikki and Nora pilot get killed?" and "What does Karman’s role as ‘Director of Special Projects’ entail?" (Hint: it includes helping me write this column each week — by the time Thursdays roll around, I’m too exhausted to be funny all by myself!)

If you want to give the show a boost, subscribe to SSW? on iTunes (it’s free), even if you watch the episodes on the site. If we get enough people subscribing, Apple might feature it in the iTunes podcast "store," and then more people will find out about it. And the more people who watch the show, the likelier it is that we’ll be able to keep making it.

And besides, our lesbian pride is at stake — if The Man Show can make it onto the iTunes Top 100 podcast list, so can we, dammit!

More women are kissing Australia thanks to more lesbians on TV.

Bad Girls didn’t air on Logo this week, so you’ll have to wait until next Friday for a new Bad Girls recap. Instead, we’re going to give recapping Painkiller Jane a try (starting next week, the Painkiller Jane recaps will run on Tuesdays). The Sci Fi channel series doesn’t have any lesbian content, but it’s the only show we’re likely to see on network or basic cable anytime soon that revolves around an out actress. Plus, Kristanna’s kinda hot. Need I say more? Read Karman’s recap of Painkiller Jane‘s first episode here, and watch the show’s second episode on the Sci Fi channel tonight (the first episode is currrently available to watch online at

Logo’s new series The Big Gay Sketch Show premieres next week. Check back on Tuesday for a full review of the show, and we’ll also have the entire first episode for you to watch on (for free).

Jenny Shimizu is joining the cast of Dante’s Cove next season, playing a love interest for Michelle Wolff‘s character. The third season debuts on here! TV in the fall.

Laura Dern guests on Ellen on Monday, talking about being involved in Ellen’s historic coming-out episode.

Last but not least, my apologies for all the technical problems you’ve been encountering on the site in the last week or so — you may continue to see error messages occasionally for awhile longer, but we’re working hard to fix them and hope to have everything working fine again soon.

That’s it for this week! Check back next week for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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