Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 20, 2007)

This Saturday night, Logo’s airing the L.A. GLAAD Awards we wrote about earlier this week, and we nabbed this red carpet interview footage with The L Word‘s Laurel Holloman, Marlee Matlin and Rachel Shelley:

I think Laurel and Rachel are right about the show providing a rare opportunity for women to play something other than "ornaments" — whether you love or hate the story lines, at least they’re about women, for a change. But I don’t know that I’d describe Helena as much more than an ornament last season — she was just decorating the arm of a woman instead of a man.

There’s also some new L Word news today: Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis), Marlee Matlin (Jodi), and Rose Rollins (Tasha) are all returning to the show next season, and not just for one episode like Kristanna Loken (Paige). PhyJoy shippers, rejoice!

Work Out airs its season finale next week, but Bravo has announced they’re airing a Work Out reunion special on Tuesday, May 15th to answer burning questions like "Are Jackie and Rebecca Cardon really dating?  How are the Skylab clients doing?  Do they really cut out sugar during the week?  Where can we find Jackie’s clothing line?  Plus, find out how they all have been coping with the loss of trainer and good friend Doug Blasdell."

OK, I’ll admit I’m going to watch it — but not because I want to find out if the Skylab clients really cut out sugar during the week. And does it make anyone else wince that they mentioned Doug’s death right after "Where can I find Jackie’s clothing line?" Not Bravo’s proudest moment.

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