Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 11, 2008)


Like the rest of you, we are really disappointed to hear about the cancellation of The N’s South of Nowhere. Spencer and Ashley (aka Spashley) fans everywhere have been organizing and rallying support for the show in an attempt to have the cancellation, well, canceled.

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We recently heard from Amy Trombetta, the administrator for one such fan group,, about a different approach their group is taking toward the SoN cancellation. "We wanted to do something to thank the show and the cast for the enormous impact they’ve had on our community," she told us. "We decided that we would do a fundraising campaign for the Trevor Project and donate all proceeds in the name of South of Nowhere. We contacted Trevor who gave us their full support, and is launching the campaign on April 18."

In case you haven’t heard of them, the Trevor Project operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock, free and confidential suicide prevention hotline for gay and questioning youth. It’s just the sort of organization at which Spencer Carlin would volunteer after school, and trust fund baby Ashley Davies would fund with her newfound riches.

Ashley’s half-sister Kyla would probably organize a fashion show benefiting it too, but that’s a different story line altogether.

Due to the Dinah pilgrimage, Cathy DeBuono won’t be posting a new vlog this week, and Lori and Sarah won’t be posting a new SMMWT! on Monday. But look for a new Retro Reviewing episode tomorrow, BwB on Sunday, and lots of Dinah videos next week!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form (thanks Torchwood_Operative!)

Here! Networks has announced
that it will purchase Planet Out’s magazine and book publishing businesses, which includes the Advocate, Out magazine and Alyson Books.

Sordid Lives: The Series premieres on Logo on July 23 with Olivia Newton John playing a lesbian role.

In an article on LGBT representation in mainstream media,
both CBS president Nina Tassler and Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said that their networks had shows in development that will feature lesbian characters.

Joan Jett talks about politics, rock ‘n’ roll and turning 50 in an interview with

A Shot at Love 2, starring Tila Tequila, premieres on MTV on April 22. Consider yourself forewarned. (After considering your responses to our poll last month, we’ve decided that we will not recap the series, but we will report on it.)

That’s it for this week! Got the inside scoop on a hot new lesbian/bi actor/musician/TV show/film? Tell us at Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.

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